Is it possible that I have OCD?

Pure O I mean :confused:

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what makes you say that?

I have intrusive thoughts that resemble delusions but I don’t believe in them

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I can completely relate, my doctor says I have comorbid ocd and schz. But yeah I get intrusive thoughts and my magical thinking can morph into a delusion. In your case I’m not sure, because I’m not a dr but I can say in my exp. I faced those same difficulties as you have.

It is possible and I know as an ocd sufferer how bad intrusive thoughts can be. That said obsessive compulsive symptoms, as opposed to full-blown ocd, are common among people diagnosed with psychotic disorders and sometimes caused by the meds.

Yeah but I doubt that I have psychosis

That specific type of rumination centred on the diagnosis is very common among psychotic disorder sufferers ocd or not. Is this thread really about ocd or psychosis?

It’s about OCD. :frowning:

did you talk about it with your pdoc? what does he/she say about it?

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My old pdoc disagreed

and your new pdoc? it’s always good to have several people their thoughts on it. But if they disagree then it prob isn’t but you never know of course…

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I havent asked him

you should do that… when you having talk with him then go over the things you experience and ask his opinion on it.

People with OCD generally don’t threaten to kill their doctors or hide in their bathrooms because they are convinced their parents are trying to kill them.


Neither do psychotic people

Sure they do. Not all of us, but a good chunk.


Well why don’t people with ocd do that

Because people with OCD know their intrusive thoughts aren’t real.


I know that too so I only have ocd

Talk to your doctor about it. We can’t diagnose you. But actually listen to what your doctor says.