Schizophrenia or OCD

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia. I know this may sound anosognostic and like I have poor insight in my disease, but i have doubts about my diagnosis.That’s why i want to know if someone has a similar kind of mental illness/schizophrenia.
The reason why I have doubts are:
I never “heard” voices, I just had unpleasant thoughts, that I couldn’t control.
I had “delusions”, like being poisoned by my father, but I was aware that this is a little bit odd.
I was very anxious and had feelings that my family might be harmed by criminals.

At the time I was diagnosed I suspected that I had schizophrenia, but did not know of any alternative diagnosis that might explain this, so now after having learned that OCD can manifest itself without compulsions I thought this might explain my illness. On the other hand I am afraid that this whole diagnosis doubt is a symptom of schizophrenia and I might be hebephrenic.But who knows.

Please share your thoughts on my story!


I know that unpleasant, intrusive thoughts can be a sign of OCD, but you also have delusions, so…best to talk to your doctor. I’m not diagnosing, just giving some insight.

Hope you talk with your doc soon and get it figured out :slight_smile:

I have bipolar and OCD - OCD can resemble schizophrenia at times, especially the Obsessive thinking and Intrusive Images and thoughts.

I am obsessed and fear my food being tampered with, but I am pretty sure its OCD, my therapist agrees.

Having delusions is not part of OCD usually and could indicate psychosis - Talk it over with a pdoc - I am not a pdoc.

Best of luck to you!

I have sz and ocd - the two can be very similar at times.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one day “psychotic obsessionality” becomes a diagnosis itself.

Also with OCD, I have a lot of fears - very similar to Schizophrenia

Usually a person needs to have some positive and some negative symptoms to be diagnosed with sz, but not necessarily all of them. Do you have negative symptoms? Because that combined with strange beliefs would probably get you a sz diagnosis even if no hallucinations.

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Are you taking an anti-P or not? If the anti-P reduces your symptoms, and you have a more comfortable life, who cares what the dx is?

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None of these sentences suggest that you do not have schizophrenia. Many schizophrenics don’t hear voices (I don’t), you can be aware that your delusions seem odd to others (I usually am) and the last one is also normal if you have sz. And none of these clearly suggest OCD either. I would try not to worry so much about the diagnosis. Also, the subtypes have been removed from the DSM.

I don’t really know I May have a little bit of a Flat affect thing. But I was always a very reserved person. I had no Word Salad or stuff like that. I was also grooming and showering during my break so I was motivated. I did not like my diagnosis then but wasn’t aware of OCD having similar symptoms so I thought the best thing is to do whatever the staff tells me to do. So I answered carelessly when asked about hearing voices etc.

I am currently on abilify. The thing is I don’t know what Best to do with my illness. You are right I am prpbably worrying too much and shoulder enjoy life:)

I think, there is a grey area, where OCD ends, and schizophrenia begins. Also, schizophrenia with co-morbid OCD is wery common. OCD sufferers also get schizophrenia more often than the rest of the population. To cloud things even further, schizotypal disorder with comorbid ocd is wery hard to distingusish from paranoid schizophrenia. Schizotypal OCD is also somewhat different than normal ocd, and may be a “unique” pathological prosess…

I used to think I had schizotypal with OCD, but I got paranoid schizophrenia, as the final diagnosis by several doc’s.