Is it possible that I also have OCD?

OCD with psychotic features or what ever its called

You seem to have question posting OCD.


OCD rarely causes psychotic features and it doesn’t cause delusions.

But it is possible for you to have a primary psychotic disorder along with an anxiety disorder like OCD.

This is what I have.

I read that OCD w/delusions exists

Never heard of this.
Can you post a link?

google OCD with delusions

My current doctor feels that my delusional thinking is related to OCD.

But I do suffer from real delusions brought about by my psychotic disorder/SZA/bipolar

How to know whether it’s OCD or real delusions

Good question but if you know your delusions aren’t real or doubt they are real then it could be related to OCD.

But if you have no insight into your delusions then it’s most likely related to a psychotic disorder.

I am constantly questioning my diagnosis and never satisfied with my diagnosis because I suffer with OCD.

I have a severe case of it according to my doctor.

I probably had insight

This is something you should address with your doctor.

I seriously doubt OCD could ever cause paranoid delusions. For years I was obsessed with the fear of getting poisoned by everyday products, especially those containing aluminium. This was an overvalued idea because unlike the paranoid delusions you describe, I never thought there was anyone out there to get me, it was never personal, I wasn’t at the centre of anything. I was simply anxious about a realistic but grossly exaggerated threat. You might have OCD but I doubt that will explain your psychotic symptoms.

What about me fearing that there’s cyanide because I was in a chemistry class that had a bottle labeled as ”cyanide”

Feeling apprehensive at times is normal even for normies.

Yeah but isn’t that more OCD

Maybe, but what you told us numerous times is that your mother was out to get you, even poisoning your food. That’s not ocd anymore.

Yeah it was real to me back then

Then you know, you may have or not have ocd but you probably have a psychotic disorder as well.