Is this an obsession or a delusion?

Is this a typical OCD obsession/compulsion ?

thinking that there is cyanide in my stuff
after touching the stuff washing my hands to get the cyanide off me

I tend to avoid the stuff which I think has cyanide in it but if I have to I’ll touch it

I have asked many people and they think it’s either OCD or psychotic about 50-50 so I need a confirmation thx

I had that when unmedicated but it was radioactive poison. I think its the paranoia stress that creates OCD like symptoms because antipsychotics stopped all this for me.

Talk with your doctor and ask him or her.
For me it’s both OCD and psychosis.

I will ask when I have my next appt with her

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It sounds like irrational paranoia to me. Delusion in my unprofessional opinion.

But what about the washing hands thing
Isn’t that a compulsion

Do you have it now? If not you don’t have OCD. Anyways ask your Dr. Psychosis stress creates OCD like symptoms for me, its paranoia.

I don’t believe it anymore, no

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Okay but its the paranoia that is the root of the thought. Maybe the OCD is compelling you to wash your hands. But remove the delusion and the OCD will stop.

Same as me, antipsychotics got rid of my OCD symptoms, I was praying 20 consecutive times and washing my hands a lot thinking I had radioactive poison on me. I don’t have any of these now that I am taking antipsychotics.

I don’t know if I even have OCD because I’ve never been dxd with it

Have you been dxd with OCD

No but I also had catatonia when unmedicated. Meds stopped my psychosis, ocd and catatonia.
When unmedicated I wasn’t in my right mind to talk about my symptoms with a Dr, I refused meds and Drs.

I’ve never had catatonia so this is maybe different

For years my OCD made me anxious about all kind of poisons but I never envisage a “poisoner” behind it all, just worry over things like aluminium additives in the food, carbon monoxide etc. But it doesn’t follow that because you have obsessive-compulsive symptoms that you have OCD; in many instances sz will cause OCD like symptoms, which explains that people like Aziz should experience relief from them by taking APs.

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There is by the way a growing literature on the complex relationship between OCD and the sz-spectrum, typically centred on the question of insight.

I don’t have sz but i was dxd with psychosis

Same principle.

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