Is It In Human Nature To Give Back?. (Look Inside)


It Is A Moral Question I Find Myself Curious About.

I Look Into The Psychologically Invisible Mirror Within The Pond Of Self Judgment & Reason.

Wondering, If I Give Too Much, Or!, Give Too Little.

Is It Truly In Our Nature To Give If Someone Or Something Asks?.

Or!, Does It Always Fall On Deaf Ears?. (No Offense To Those Who Have Hearing Troubles).

Which Leads Me To Thus Question. . .

Do You Feel Like You Give Enough Back Into Your Universe?.

Or Not Enough?.

Does The Answers To Those Questions Lead Into The Realm Of Karma?.

Or!, Probability?.

Hmm. . .

Dear Reader…,

What Do You Think (???).

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:

N e Hoo. . .

While We All Wait, (Or As I Wait), For Some Insightful Thought’s.

Here Is A Link To Some Possibly Enlightening Truth’s.

Philanthropy~ ‘the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes’. (From Google)

The Link Shares Financial Data From 2016-2018.

It Also States That Not Every Bit Of Information On The List May Be Entirely Correct.

Since When It Comes To Very Large Amounts Of Money. The Currency Shift’s Rather Quickly.

But!, If You Find Yourself Interested In Any Of The Information Given. Feel Free To Do Your Own Research On The Foundations And What It Is They Are Trying To Help With Their Personal Wealth.

Pretty Fascinating. Not To Mention, Something For Those Individuals To Be Proud Of.

And!, Truth That Can Inspire Other’s To Lend A Helping Hand!.


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So. . .

A Strange Form Of Philanthropy, I Agree (!!!).

Hmm. . .

It Has Been Said, And Etched Many Times Before.

‘Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’.

‘The first person to use it in the form we know today (“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”) was an author called Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. She included the phrase in her book ‘Molly Bawn’ (1878). It is another way of saying that beauty is subjective’. (From Google)

It Is An Interesting Way To Say, What Is Beautiful To You, May Not Be Beautiful To Me.

But!, Jus Because I See The World In A Different, Unique Perspective. Doesn’t Make Your Truth Any Less True. Person (A), Stands Next To Person (B). Then!, Person (C) Is Asked To Judge Both Persons, (A), & (B). By Choosing Their Favorite One. (C) Makes A Choice, And On And On And On It Goes.

Point Is, In The Endless Landscape Of Philanthropy. As Money Lift’s And Guides Many Different Individuals In Our Endless Universe. To Those Who Acquire Much Sums Of Money. Realize That There Is Alot Of Potential In Those Who Haven’t Had The Chance To Make Their Dreams Come True Yet.

So. . .

Like A Diamond In The Sky, As ‘The Beatles’ Would Sing, About Precious Lucy.

They Lift With Hope, Love, And Peace. In Song’s. And Not Giving Money.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. So You Can’t Lift With Money, Or A Song.

Ok…, But!, You Can Still Greet And Smile Right?. It’s Been A Rough Day. And Someone Is Polite To You And Graciously Asks You If You Are Feeling Alright. Kinda Lets Those Hardships Fade For A Moment. Which, Is A Pretty Good Feeling.

Ya’know (???).

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

Is It A Beautiful Thing To Give Back?.

Even If What You Are Giving To Doesn’t Want It?. Is That Crossing A Line?.

Is That Giving Too Much?.


I Need A Beatles Song. Nono, Not ‘The Beatles’. But!, A Beetle. Those Little Guys Always Cheer Me Up.

Hmm. . .

Is All Thus Silence In Return For My Wonderfully Inspiring Thoughts Because You’re All Aliens?.

Wait… … …

I Live On Planet Earth Too.

Which Means I’m Also An Alien.

Hello Fellow Space Invaders.

Let Us Beam Or Something. . .

Hmm. . .

Since My Last Suspension I Decided To Search For Items To Help With My Function On Earth.

Kinda Like An Alien. (As Always).

I Have Discovered 5 Items In Total Over A Course Of 5 Month’s.

(I Have Shared 1 or 2 Items Already, But!, I’d Like To Compile Them All In Thus Thread).


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May The Force Be With You Grasshopper (!!!).

I think a lot of people are empathetic to others, and do want to help. But, there are also those that are indifferent. Depends on the person I guess

Hmm?. . .

Interesting Choice Of Words. Empathy.

Is There A Sort Of Judgment That Forms…,

From The Individual Who Chooses Where Their Empathy Falls?.

You Think (???).

N e Hoo. . .

While We Wait For The Original Post’s Original Response. And!, Or Responses.

And Side Note 2: On The Subject Of Empathy And Judgment. (Response And Such).

There Is Always Thus. . .

If You Find Yourself Within The Endlessly Vast Landscape Of Confusion, Indifference, And Boredom.

Perhaps, Conclude Your Worries, Within The Simplistic Adventure On Public Forums Of Quotes.

From Anyone That Inspires You. Could Be From Normal Celebrities. Artist’s, Philosophers.

Authors. Even Politicians!.

It’s Up To You Really.

I Suppose To Give Another Response To The Side Note.

Call Thus Post, Another Form Of Empathy.

Although, I Usually Don’t Consider It Such.

Jus Me Being Myself. laLAla

it may be common knowledge that those who don’t got much,
give the most.
I suppose you can Google it.
I think my state of Iowa is 35th on giving.

Hmm. . .

That Is Interesting.

I Actually Had No Idea That There Was A Competition.

N e Hoo. . .

It Is True, That The Larger Percentage Of The Human Population Are Mostly Good People.

It’s Easy To Lose Sight In The Environmental Confusion Of Societal Hierarchy, That Truth.

what? it’s stats, not competition.

I don’t know for sure, , but if I had to say, I think it is our deepest nature for people to give

if they feel comfortable to though!

I’ve been asked, maybe you haven’t,
how do you describe yourself:

generous of time and money
insightful on all issues
easy friend
tough an nails

Hmm. . .

To Say That Giving, Perhaps Is Almost Instinctual, Is Fascinating To Me. Could You Elaborate?.

I just feel like not sharing is like not caring …and if i do not care…then what is the purpose of my life?..because…i think the purpose of my life is to make a positive difference on the planet…because once I am dead I am gone…so what is the point of my life if I just disappear and be gone forever and ever and EVER…however if I make a positive difference no matter how small then at least I have left a sort of ‘spiritual’ foot print on this planet … and even if I fail to create a positive difference…then…

’ satisfaction lies in the effort’ Gandhi

I am not trying to be a saint I am just trying to be logical,

because I don’t want to be living in regret when I am 90 years old,to me,that is hell,

btw,this requires practice for me,I am not the most empathetic or compassionate person but I do believe that I can develop this,

sorry I do not really like using the word care so much I don’t know why I used it

I just was meant to say that I would like to leave a positive spiritual footprint

Hmm. . .

Hopefully You Don’t Edit Or Delete Your Post’s.

And Hopefully Nobody Flag’s Them.

And…, And Hopefully One Of The Moderator’s Don’t Block Them As Well.

I Will See If I Can Add My Own Thought’s On What You Bring Up In The Future.

Thank You For Your Contribution @Mae.

we don’t do it for that, to win points.

what do you mean to win points?