Can you hear . your thoughts?



i dont see anyone disproving me to help with my CONDITION , dont ignore and shun just because you dont approve , supose to be helping people…my mind control approach is positive and can help so take the fuckn time to see what im saying rather then just looking at it…im on meds too , doesnt do sht , what about my help ?

so as i was saying my voices are female they speak through my head and technology like tv laptop , fans vents , running water etc…they can also speak through my mouth and control my body

WHEN i think outloud my thoughts take on 1 of the female voices , as far as my memory goes , when we think we dont hear a voice , who else can hear there thoughts as audible.

also those who have treated there conditions , could you hear yours ? do you still once treated…

was this ever a normal thing ?


Talking about your symptoms is fine. Asking for help is fine. Trying to convince other people that they are suffering from mind control is not fine. If you don’t want your posts to be deleted, try listening to our messages and reading the forum guidelines.


I don’t hear my thoughts as voices. I am able to think like I used to before I became psychotic. I also can speak in my head if I want to. The difference now is I also hear voices of people from my past. I also hear people talk out loud about me and laugh obnoxiously at certain thoughts I have. It may all just be synchronicity and me being oversensitive/delusional because my neurotransmitters are out of wack. I’d like to think it’s not real and there are signs to me that it isn’t real. Just seems real sometimes but I may be reading more into it than there really is.


I don’t feel that somebody controls my brain, but I do feel that somebody tries to manipulate me.
I try to resist it.
Don’t listen to the voices! They are an instrument of manipulation in my opinion.

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There are external voices and internal voices. The external ones can be heard through the ear as sound and have been registered by an MRI scanner that indicates actual sound is being heard just like normals hear sound.

The internal voices is more confusing as normals can imagine reading something in an imagined voice. Like if I imagined reading something by a famous actor, it is quite common and easy to actually hear that voice. Everyone does it szs and normals alike.

If you have internal voices that only identify to yourself and you can’t pinpoint the source then it is still part of your imagination and most likely part of the illness. To recognise this as imaginary and part of the overall workings of the mind is a fundamental step towards comprehension.

To be able to dismiss it is an art form or to engage in it is up to you, but it is truly part of the vast unmappped mind of which little is understood.

I wonder what a psychiatrist would advise when it came to voices?


Mine are usually internal but some times go external.
Internal ones feel absolutely out of my control and say mean things usually, one of the prominent voices is very sinister and mocking, he says he has a silver tongue as well…which is pretty accurate. His location sounds like someone inputted the voice in the back of my head, and outside of my brain.
External ones usually are random whispering or very quick, the whispering had to be the most upsetting part for me…they were incoherent but very malicious in tone.
More often than not, I had internal ones, some times trying to convince me I’m fine and that everything is normal…even the fact they were also malicious and trying to do harm.

thats not what i ment , i mean if you read something like your sentance outloud in your head , do you actually hear a voice wording it as you think ?

and ive just got a glimpse of what i must sound like at times , have none of us realized we all sound so self absorbed in our own experiences that we barely speak about what the other speaks of ? we are so quick to just relate to what happens to us…

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Aha Yeah true.
That’s because: it’s good to spill your guts.
I’m so hyped for this question! Behold my nerdy college classes do me some good!
Also because what you’re describing is a normal part of the learning process of learning a language. See, on this website, we are all literate: we write/speak the language that we master. Now, vocalising the words in your head is a natural process. Usually, this voice should be ‘your own’. More or less what you sound like IRL. There are two ways for you to read: visual, with no deviation that goes through the ‘oral’ part of your brain, and oralising. This then extends to your thought process, as your thought process is integrated to the language you think in. There are advantages for the two methods, and both are essential, otherwise leading to dyslexia etc… Interestingly enough, if I’m not mistaken, in schizophrenia and autism, the areas affected are roughly around those affected also by ‘dys’ problems (personal analysis: autism leads to dys, autism especially aspergers is close to sz). So sz might distort what would be your normal thought process.
I don’t have data on people that are nonverbal, but I can share some notes I have taken on courses that study the cognitive process of learning if you’d be interested. There’s also a few good books on the subject.
It’s also the reason why many people don’t believe in ‘voices’, since they have one themselves and are deemed normal!
You’re not very clear, but it’s probable the female voice you hear is just your normal inner voice. Maybe it then extends into hallucinations and mixes up with others.
When being treated, I think you should still hear that female voice, since it’s probably just your own. Identity crisis much?

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no , i hear more then 1 female voice , they can change voices at will but tend to stay these female voices for the length of the period such as demon voices etc , but the thing is i hear my thoughts where my ears are or more so the back of my head…also things such as technology , laptop , tv etc , what im asking is , if you say a sentance in your head , we no its being processed and it takes form of our inner voice , which we usually dont hear ? silent isnt it ? i hear a real voice which is 1 of the voices that talks to me + through me , another thing that bothers me is automatic reading , i can start reading and then just stop , and my eyes continue to read…and they just keep going…

@mike_shady don t try to confuse your situation your voices are simply halucinations


Okay be clearer. Do you distinguish between the voices? Do you have an inner voice?
It is not because they are many that they are not your inner voice, or that there is not one amongst them that is your inner voice.
In my experience, my voices tend to be like my inner voice, which is why I don’t distinguish between them easily.
An inner voice is by nature not silent. It has nothing to do with hallucination, but the process of learning to verbalise. What I said in my post explains that. I suppose the inner voice can also change tone.
So in a dysfunctional system, I suppose that this process is enhanced, modifying what your inner voice should be like and adding new ones, as well as giving sensory inputs that are not perceived as internal.
Once again, this is explained in my post. There is 2 ways to read:
to simplify: one that uses your eyes, and is focussed on being quick and other things I can’t remember, can give you my notes as said
the other that relies on your inner voice, and is focussed on meaning and acquiring new words as well as deducing meaning from context.
I can read using mainly ‘my eyes process’ which means I read an average of a page every 30s, or inner voice process, which slows it down to 1m a page.
It’s all a matter of distangling what does what where.

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It’s not as simple as that. My struggle most of my life has been trying to make nt people understand my plight because they most likely hear a voice too. The part where mikey here is wrong is that he’s mixing up the natural process of verbal thought and hallucinations. But it is not fair to push everything on ‘hallucinations’ because that’s not the way language in humans work.

@invega umm thanks for looking at my post , aha see the thing is my voices are 100x more real then most , because they actually speak through my mouth using my voice , so i think you may have confused the situation yourself there

So do you think something use your mouth and voice for speaking?

@keither im saying all of my thoughts have become audible in some female voice , usually our thought process is somewhat silent to us is it not ?

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I have a second thought process that is audible a female its me but I feel its also separate because we can hold a conversation with each other i dont know if that makes any sense ive seen her a few times but normally shes in my head.

If you think to something use your mouth or voice for speaking there is people has similar problems.ask @Zoom for info.he has an experience similar to yours

Nope it shouldn’t be!
Mine is quiet but present, and has nothing to do with voices, which even when sounding like me are definitely different.
You said it yourself: you had it since you were a kid. It naturally appears when you start ‘verbal thinking’.
What’s weird is if you have a voice that isn’t gendered like you, or is really different from your voice.
It also depend how self conscious you are. I know people who admit to an inner voice, like, dat’s normal, but aren’t self conscious about it so it just flows naturally. I’m extremely self conscious, so I tend to be hyper aware I’m thinking my thoughts. Basically it’s also tied in with the fact that as human beings we have ‘awareness’ and ‘meta awareness’.
Being too self conscious tends to alienate your inner voice and mix it up with hallucinations. For me it makes it too loud and absorbing, at least as much as the voices.
I’ve had situations without hallucinations and quiet thought process, but I was still ‘hearing’ my thoughts.
I had a friend who got too conscious of her thought process and it made her develop a sort of alter ego, even though in the end she was 100 per cent nt with no diagnosis whatsoever.


@invega already have , waiting on response from him , not many people encounter this , its very rare i believe ? which is why i believe its mind control rather then mental illness , guess i will wait and see

How is it different from regular hallucinations? I’m curious.

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