Is having police dropping you off at the hospital a criminal record?

Just wanted to ask because I had a delusion that the police were putting criminal record for just bringing me there. (I was not involved in violence at all)

I think only a judge can put something on your criminal record police only detain, arrest, investigate etc…


I never stood in front of a judge, and the police was “ok, you’re good to go. Feel better.”
That was it. Never had anyone say I was under arrest.

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You’re fine then

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Ok. Thank you!
It’s that they took note of my address/my name but they told me I was good to go.
So I guess that’s not a criminal record, then.

Lol no man you good they probably have to log everything they do or every call they get plus even if you’re delusions were true being taken to the hospital by police is not a crime think about it

No it’s not a criminal offense.

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Got carted off years ago by the Police after an assessment in the Cells. I was arrested on a (UK) Section 136. No criminal charges were made. Just a forced stay on a locked ward for 72 hours.

I got thrown into a cell due to beeing to drunk on a public party. But that didnt make it into my record.

Did you get arrested?

In USA at least, it doesn’t count as an arrest. They are simply escorting you to a hospital… they might use handcuffs but it’s still just an escort and shouldn’t result in a criminal record on its own.

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They didn’t even put handcuffs…they just talked during their way there with me, asked if I was okay, and just took my address. That’s all.

It depends on if you did something criminal or illegal? Police picking you up and taking you to the hospital never went on my record on a background check because I never did anything illegal.

I dont think it counts as an arrest. I was so wasted I just tagged along.

Nothing illegal. I tried to kill myself and the police was called on me. They wanted me to go to the hospital. So they took me there.

How long ago was this @laetitia?
Are you ok now?

Like…3 years ago.
Yeah, I am ok. The police were so so nice. I’m so thankful for them.
He saw that I took too many pills of ativan. So they took me to the hospital while I was struggling with psychotic episode and hearing voices and such… I was so confused.
After I woke up, I was tied up on the bed because I was trying to scratch my skin with my teeth. I was later transferred to a psych unit.

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I was put under whats called a form 10 in alberta, Canada a few months ago. Which is when you’re arrested and forced to see a doctor. I recently had to have a criminal record check for door dash (uber eats, skip the dishes type app) to drive for them and they did not mention it showing up.

And in my case they did say “you are under arrest” and put cuffs on me. So you are definitely ok. No one wants to give you a criminal record over mental health unless you actually did something that is legit criminal anyway.

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Well then I cant imagine it’s going to be on a background check.

Unless you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony in the act and subsequently found guilty, nothing is going to be on a background check.