Can schizophrenia affect finding a job

I have schizophrenia, and in the last five years I was sent to hospoital several times by the policeman. Now I take medicine regularly and I have being back to normal for about 1.5 years. Now I am thinking finding a job but I have a concern. If there are records on my profile in the police department ,which says I have schizophrenia? when company do the background check, can they find I have schizophrenia? will it to be the reason the company refuse to hire me if I was qualify the other requirement of the company?


Background checks don’t generally check medical records. At least not in the US.

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My husband said there are reocrds on police department says I have bipolar(actually i have schizophrenia), if this affect finding a job?

If you’re in a country that reveals medical records with a background check, then you don’t have much of a choice but to keep trying employers until someone is okay with your history.

Thank you! I am in U.S. Probably because too many times I was sent into the hospital by policeman, they have the record.

In Canada no one has access to your medical records with out your permission, but if Police attended some event it can be on their records

If on their records, will it affect me finding a job?

Not sure about where you are but it does in Canada and it shows at the US border and they won’t let you into the states from Canada

People are awfully predudiced

I was able to travel to the states with a police arrest due to psychosis on record, from Canada.

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One word, HIPAA

My background checks came up clean when I got hired for jobs. This is after involuntary hospitalizations where the police picked me up and took me to the hospital. Do you have a criminal record? That’s what they can see not that you have schizophrenia.


NO, I don’t have criminal record. Thanks for sharing!


I’ve had about 16-18 jobs since 1983. Only two of them knew I had schizophrenia, my first one and my current one. It was not a big deal to either of them. All the ones between never knew and I didn’t volunteer the information. I just did my job and do what they asked and I figure it was none of their business. I’ve had background checks and drug tests. I passed with flying colors. On one drug test they found out I was on prolixen. I got the job and they never said one word about my drug test.

I was afraid they would strip my 8 Tour De France titles away from me but they were pretty cool about it and it never was an issue.


I worked for publix for 7 years. When i quit i asked them. If they would disclose that i have sz to my next employer. They said legally they couldn’t. They cant even tell anyone i worked with. That was just publix though.


Well, I think the life in the 2000s is harder for us because of the internet and increased competition. But there’s pros and cons to everything. Life is probably better for the schizophrenic now than it was 10-20 years ago.

I dont know about usa and the backround check but i will try to answer the question above.

One woman with sz told the regular hospital she has sz and they said we will give it a try. She applied to work in the hospital and has worked there seccessful for years. She is a janitor.

I have sz and i can say i have dicovered what im good at and what im not good at. And it has, nothing to do with my illness. When i was healhy i worked on jobs i wasnt good at and i overloaded myself trying to do.something thats not for me.

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