Do the police have access to your medical records?

I hope this is the right place to talk about this.
But I just had a run in with a man a few minutes ago that I’d gone to the police about a couple years ago and didn’t get much help from them.

This man has been harassing me since 2018 and I have letters, physical proof, and text messages from him so I know atleast for myself that this is no delusion as my medical records would likely lead them to believe if viewed.

I eventually snapped one night when he wouldnt take no for an answer and forced a flower in my face and sent angry hand written letters to my coworker that defended me.

So I went to the police and they had me wait in a room for about 20 minutes and came back in and basically had a we dont believe you attitude.

So I’m looking back and wondering if they have the ability to view my diagnosis list and discriminated against me due to it? In the end all they did was tell him not to talk to me. And hes been finding ways to get under my skin ever since.

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I think police are able to access records about medical history at least in some countries, so they know what they are dealing with.

It can probably lead to discriminaton when it comes to the persons credability.

But if he keeps it up I would contact the police again. At some point they will have to take you more serious. Maybe get a restraining order on the unpleasant person that bothers you.

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Im in the USA, also it was the first time I’ve ever gone to the police about anything.
I suppose I could try for a restraining order now like my therapist suggested but I just think it would be a big hassle at this point since its been a few years since hes left gifts at my doorstep or written me letters. And I blocked his number so theres no new creepy texts. But besides all that he happens to live three doors down from me. So avoiding him even with a restraining order would be hard. His new methods of bothering me are so sly, last year he walked past our house loudly humming happy birthday on my birthday, and I know it wasnt me since my grandma is the one who pointed it out.
Id love to just move but im in a bad spot for that. My main issue with him right now is that every time I walk to the store or go outside in general he always seems to be there and crosses the street to walk on the same side as me. It works me up a lot and I honestly blame him for triggering my mental illness in the first place as his persistent declarations of love and gifts started around the same time things got bad enough for me to be diagnosed. He would do things like follow me home on his bike at night and sneak up behind me while I walked home from work. And I think the stress from that is what made things worse in a way.

Well…it sounds like a incredible cooincidence that you live in the same place. Are you sure it’s the same guy? I mean did he make a move towards you when you saw him? Or is everything you believe circumstantial?

I just think it’s strange that this guy would make it his mission in life to stalk you. I know things like that actually happen, but it’s rare.

And it’s kind of bizzare that he would suddenly show up after being quiet for a real long time.

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police can’t see your psych ward records…relax…

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They may not be able to read records, but I think they are able to check if a person has a diagnosis and what that is. It makes sense so they are able to provide medical aid to a person that had diabetes or heart problems or whatever.

I coincidentaly lived next door to a guy that also had psychiatric problems. Police came cause he got a complaint he was playing too loud music and argue with neighbor. Police had been there before and knew the guy had mental problems. Anyway I looked out my peephole and there was a police standing right outside my door kind of listening in.

I don’t have a criminal record, so I figured they must have known about my diagnosis. I mean they wouldn’t just listen in for no reason.

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I live in an extremely small town so its not that strange that he lives three doors down. Our population is maybe 300. I worked at the only store in town for a few years and thats where he saw me.
Id love to relax and think hes not purposefully trying to get close to me but his actions say otherwise.
Hes around 50 i believe and his behavior was that of those few crazy people who devote themselves to getting closer to someone not interested.
He once saw me speak to a guy outside of work and (somehow got my phone number from a coworker) began texting me things like “Cant you see Im far better for you than him? hes nothing but trouble.”. it is really bizarre but him himself is bizarre considering this started when I was about 18.

I see.

Guess you just have to ignore him. But if it gets bad better tell the police.

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Unfortunately thats what ive been doing. I feel like in the moment I held back on the idea of a restraining order because I felt he was clearly not all there and that id possibly be forcing him out of his home by doing so. But now that it feels too late to say something I wish I had since Im basically forced to stay in my home unless I want an anxiety attack.

That’s not good.

Do you know anyone that can chaperone you when you want to go out? Might make it easier.

I don’t know if it’s a option for you to move yourself? But if you did I would get secret phonenumber and your adress not listed.

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When I got back in the house a bit ago amidst my mini panic attack my grandma said she would drive me 2 minutes down the road instead of me walking. And yes this is good but I wish I could use my legs for once. But at least there’s that.

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I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

It’s been my experience that cops are kinda dumbasses when it comes to stalking and harassment cases.

They probably don’t read much newspapers, so there out of the loop when it comes to a stalker being politically motivated.

It might be a good idea to get a restraining order though. That usually makes the authorities take the situation more seriously.

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The police had access to my medical records because the police got involved while I was at the hospital idk why I guess I scared one of the nurses because I was psychotic they brought up stuff in court from a previous hospital visit but I didn’t get in trouble or anything because I didn’t do anything wrong

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sorry to hear you are going through this… i hope he leaves you alone at some point, hopefully soon. And like the others said go to the cops again when something happens and at some point they will take you serious.

And i’m not sure if the cops can see your medical records…

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Police have no access to mine - tho they know im schizophrenic.

The local authority however do - cos i signed a disclosure agreement with them, cos i had nieghbours at the time that complained when i was shouting at the voices. (I was in relapse - just been Dx’d) . So i did it to get some backup from the CMHT, to prove i wasnt intentionally being anti-social.

The dirty pig that caused all the trouble died a couple of months later - so the problem went away.

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