Is diabetes from antipsychotics permanent?

Is diabetes from antipsychotics permanent or does it go away when you stop taking antipsychotics?
Im asking this because im now 8 months on medication (invega) and i fear ill get diabetes from it. I hope it never hapens.

It is permanent.

Sometimes high blood sugar levels are a direct cause of taking certain antipsychotics- once that drug is removed or reduced, blood glucose levels will normalize or improve drastically.
My family doctor said that certain drugs can induce hyperglycemia- especially atypical anyipsychotics like Zyprexa and Risperdal or Clozapine.

When I was on Zyprexa I craved sugar. I didn’t get diabetes from it, but other people did. There was a class action law suit against the makers of Zyprexa for giving people diabetes.

Depends , theres whats called pre-diabetes , where blood sugars start creeping up , pre-diabetes is generally responsive to life style changes. Once a person develops type 2 diabetes they are less likely to recover to prediabetic levels and usually require medication adter that. You can usually avoid all this by exercising regulary , eat low gi foods , depend less on carbs for your calories , look to fats & protein within reason , The carbs you do eat , look to nonrefined kinds , combine you carbs with fiber. Fiber generally causes carbs to be burned up at a consistent level , which causes a move even production of glucose in the body. So eat your fiber as well. Also on fats , avoid trans fats , generally saturated fat intake should be minimized.


I’m on Seroquel with my Latuda and due to years of Seroquel, the blood sugar has been creeping up. My Doc also has me on Metformin now as well… in hopes of kicking the blood sugar back down and avoiding Diabetes.

I’ve heard of people getting their diabetes under amazing control once they quit certain Antipsychotics and loose weight… but I’ve never met someone who was able to get rid of it completely.

Good luck.

I got diabetes 8 months afteri took it… I new I was because I got more than half of all the side effects.

Not if diabetes is a result of something you’re taking (like medication). For example, pregnant women often get gestational diabetes, which goes once the baby is born. Nonetheless, keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and try adopting a low GI diet, which is a good idea either way.

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I’m pretty sure it will eventually improve or go away completely if you get off the medication, it could take many months or years. Also vigorous exercise will help alot or even miraculously cure it.

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I know I’m going to be on Seroquel for a long time… at least I think I will be. the blood sugar got a bit high… so to combat that…

Metformin was prescribed and that has helped me not go diabetic yet.