Antipsychotics and diabetes

Has anybody here gotten diabetes from taking antipsychotic medication? I am on 800 mg of seroquel and my blood sugar is high, even with a 1000mg of metformin. My doctor said my a1c, I think that is what he tested, is fine and that I should not be worried. I am worried however, because the last thing I want to do is be stuck on my medications for life, and then on top of that having to worry about giving myself shots of insulin a couple times a day.

Latuda doesn’t cause diabetes. It doesn’t even barely cause any weight gain because it doesn’t hit the histamine receptir

When I was on Zyprexa I really craved sugar. Of course, I’ve always craved sweets, but it was worse when I was on that drug. I’m on 800 daily Seroquel too. So far, I don’t think it has disrupted my blood sugar levels.

Is it all down to the antipsychotics though?