Is anyone here on invega sustenna injection and did they get any lumps at the injection site

I am so stressed out. I get injected with invega sustenna every 4 weeks in the arm and I have been getting lumps it’s like the muscle went rock hard where they injected. I don’t want them to switch to the bum because I’m embarrassed to have to pull down my pants and get injected there. Because I have a ugly tattoo on my bottom. I don’t know if I should see about switching back to oral meds. But I was non compliant with oral meds that’s why they put me on the invega. And I don’t think they will switch me back. I don’t know what to do??

I’m on the same med and didn’t notice any lumps.
Do you interchange between the arms? Like one time on the right one time on the left??

Yes they do. I’m on 75mg dosage. Been on it for a year 7months. How long have you been on it for.

I’m on the same dosage, been on it for maybe two years now and before that been on 100mg for maybe another three years…

Been told that that’s a long time to be on meds

I haven’t noticed any severe side effects, but you never know what you don’t notice.

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Do you find it’s hard to sleep being on it. I find I’m up like every hour at night.

Nope I sleep well…
At first I had trouble waking up but that might not be because the meds, and if it is it has faded away

Finally someone who has that issue!!

I’ve been on the injection for a number of years and in 2016 I started getting lumps behind my neck on the side of the injection in the deltoid. They switched to an injection in the rear-end and the lumps appeared under my stomach. It would grow and be painful for a number days of days then blow up and a lot of puss would come out.

I cannot quit the medication, I tried and long story short I ended up very psychotic. They put me back on it and the injection in the rear-end doesn’t manifest as big lumps as before. I try to clean the areas where the lumps appear with soap and it helps. I’m going to ask to be put on Invega Trinza and see how it pans out. Good luck.

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Where do you get yours injected. Do you go to a mental health clinic.

I think I will have to get over the embarrassment and have the injection in the rear end too. I don’t think they are going to switch me to oral meds because I was non compliant before. I get the injection at my doctor’s office and I don’t think the nurse does it right. But I am stuck. Its so frustrating. Sometimes I feel I just want to die.

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Have you told your doctor and nurse about the lumps?

Yeah all they do is inject around them. I think I am stuck on this medication for life and will just keep getting more lumps until they switch to my bottom.

actually I do it at home since my mother is a physician…

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I get the same bumps on my butt. It doesn’t matter where you get the shot.

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I’m on haldol decanoate and get rock hard lumps at the injection site every time. Sometimes it’s a bit painful a few days after, sometimes it’s not. But there’s always a lump. Nurse didn’t believe me, but doctor says it happens sometimes.

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Okay do you have any sleeping problems.

Do the lumps ever go away.

I used to be on Clopixol Depot and got those lumps on my bum from the injections. My pdoc said they can inject you in the muscle of my upper leg. They start to inject me there and I never had any lumps again.

Mine take about a month to go away. Sometimes when I get lots of exercise they go away faster. I get them in my butt, though. So just walking helps.

I wish they would do that with invega sustenna but I don’t think they do. I really don’t want to start getting the injections in my butt.

Mine has been here for over a year I don’t think they are going away.