Who is on Invega Sustenna?

Hi all,

Diagnosed schizoaffective manic subtype over a year ago. After trialing on several meds I have now been on Invega Sustenna 117mg monthly injections for a while. I feel normal and have friends.

Who else is on this med and how do you like it? Any recommendations would be appreciated. I would like to be medication free and back to how I was before my diagnosis. But life isn’t perfect. sigh Thoughts? Am I on the best track? Thanks.

yep, it’s great. I don’t remember what it was like before meds

likely I was just a whacked out undiagnosed woman who needed help.

I have been on invega sustenna 50mg for 2 years. Its a good med. Keeps me out of the hospital and stable. The only problem is I am getting lumps at the injection site. I get it in my arms at the doctors office. They will have to switch it to my bum soon. I really don’t want to have to get it on the bottom, but I will have no choice. Do you get any lumps?

I want to try invega who knows.

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Im on 150mg of invega once every three weeks

I am on 234mg once a month. I get lumps at the injection sites but massage helps them Go down.

I was on the shots, hated it, moved to pills, felt much better. Not much anhedonia and sedation on pills.

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Take the pills not the shot. The shot you’re stuck with it and the side effects for the whole few months but with the pill you can quit when sode effects get bad and it takes just a few days to wear off


Yes I get Lumps, but they go down with massaging. I am going to ask my doctor about the pills instead of the shot. Shots hurt. Are the pills less expensive? I’m just glad my health insurance is covering.

Just had a physical with normal psychiatric condition. Hooray! Maybe it’s not forever that I’m on medication. I hope so. Thanks for the input guys, this group of people is just like me.

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