Is anyone here on invega sustenna injection and did they get any lumps at the injection site

Weird. Yeah mine only last about a month, give or take. Did they alternate the injection site? I hear they’re worse in the am for people that get them, do you get yours in the arm?

Yeah I get mine in my arm. I know I will have to start getting it in my butt. I’m just too embarrassed because I have a tattoo back there. So embarrassed.

I got injected just above the ass!

I hardly had to pull my pants down

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Lol are you on invega sustenna?

I was but luckily i went off it!

Same. It’s in the hip more than the actual butt. Let me see if I can find the diagram my nurse have my husband when she was teaching him how to give me my shot.

I wish I could go off it but I was non compliant with pills so they put me on it. I wish I could go back to pills but I don’t think they will let me. What med are you on now?

I changed to zyprexa and its going much better

Okay thanks for this diagram. Maybe it will be less embarassing if I don’t have to pull my pants all the way down.

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Are you female? I get my shot pretty much right where the band of my underwear sits.

I wear regular bikini brief type.

That’s good. I use to be on that too but I was non compliant. I learned my lesson that I need to stay on meds or else I end up back in the hospital. You are lucky they let you go off the invega. But that’s probably because you were med compliant.

Yes I am female. I guess I will just have to get over the embarrassment and start to have it on the bottom.

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I’m on Invega Sustenna 156mg monthly injection. Sometimes I get lumps in the injection site sometimes I don’t but it usually goes away with time very slowly. I usually try to rub the area a lot after the injection and it seems to help. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed because it’s normal plus the people who do the injection are used to seeing things. I’m sure of that.

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Thank you. How long have you been on it, and do you get it in your arm.

Yes I’m on it as of last year and so far I’ve had no lumps. I get it in my arm. My nurse alternates each month.

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I usually get it on my deltoid. The shoulder part of the arm and I switch between sides/arms every month. I’ve been on Invega Sustenna for almost 11 months. I started with the 234mg dosage and recently got it lowered to 156mg. So far so good. The only problem I’m having is watery sperm but that seems to have gotten better since I lowered the dose.

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Yes I get lumps from it. I don’t think the lumps are that bad compared to other side effects from it.

How is your sleep on it, do you get the shot in your arm and do your lumps ever go away?

I’m on the haloperidol injection and get 300mg so it’s 3ml. I get a lump at the injection site and it can be painful especially if I sleep resting on my injection.