Invega Sustenna

I’m supposed to start taking Invega Sustenna next Wednesday. Has anyone else taken it? How did it make you feel and did it work? I have a relapse of symptoms on average every three months even on medication. So my psychiatrist wants to try an injectable. Although June 2017 and June 2019 were my last two major incidents. Since this June (2019) I’ve been symptomatic.

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I only had it once. It made me sick the day I had it and my arm hurt for several days.

My pdoc wants to switch me from invega sustenna to latuda because I have emotional flatness on invega. I start latuda next week.


Good luck with the Latuda @anon12381882

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İ m using that. İt s very good medicine. İf you have problem with relapses probably going to fix it. Best wishes :sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::rainbow:

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I am on the injectable form it’s good most positives are gone still some instrusive thoughts and delusions

I take 234 mg injection. I had some side effects, felt no motivation. My pdoc added 10 mg Abilify now i feel great!

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The good thing for me was I havn’t noticed side effects on invega sustania. Not sure if it helps me much or not though with the thought disorders. I prefer only having to take it once a month too, or inject it i mean.

That’s great to hear @anon12381882 ! Keep us updated on how it goes

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It’s working very well for me. I much prefer it to taking pills. It works better for me with an antidepressant added.

My only gripe with it recently is it got infected where I had the injection. And the last two times I’ve had it it’s leavint lumps now.

I think I got a bad shoulder from getting injections there is my main gripe.

Good luch with the latuda @anon12381882 it has worked great for me so far

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I get invega depot on my butt cheek. I cant tell if its working or not. I dont feel any different after i get depot