Is anyone else taking classes this semester?

I know some of you guys are taking classes for this upcoming semester. What are your schedules like?

I have Audiology on Tuesday, Speech Pathology on Wednesday, Foundations of Education Thursday, and Chemistry on Friday. I’m also going to see if I can do an internship if it fits into my schedule… I’ll be one busy bee. I’m going back and forth between panic and excitement. :worried:


I am taking some classes, but its online. I feel a lot more comfortable online then in class. This is my last semester and I’ll earn my AA degree. This is a community college though but I may transfer to a University. I am taking Administration of Justice, History and a course called University. Great for you that you’re taking in classes, I couldn’t handle it with to many voice alterations. I hope you have a great semester!

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I’m just taking one online course: Children’s Literature. You’ve got quite a busy schedule, good luck.

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I’m only taking 2 courses this semester and working. In the Spring I’ll be full time at a different school. Good luck! I always enjoyed having a student worker job when I was in school the 1st time.

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I first went to a private college, got kicked out whilst the schizophrenia kicked in, and then went to a community college. I’m not at a local liberal arts college, and I’m starting my senior year. I had a hospitalization last semester but I feel a lot better now. Of course, with this illness being so unpredictable you never know what’s going to happen. I think I took on too much this semester so who knows how I’ll react. Meds are working well for me though. I hope your semester goes well. History has always interested me. I’d like to take a history course about Europe just for fun in the Spring semester.

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Children’s Lit sounds like a lot of fun! I took a ‘Voice & Diction’ class a few semesters back and we did a section on children’s literature. It wasn’t really relevant to the course at all but it sure was fun. We got to read children’s books to the class. I used to work in a library, back when I was in high school, so I had a lot of experience. Fortunately for me when it comes to speaking in front of crowds, I don’t have much of an issue. It’s one on one social interactions that get me. Kudos for taking an online class, I know how hard they can be.

What classes are you taking, @metime? I have a job at my local community college, the one I used to go to. They kept me on when I transferred though. I thoroughly enjoy the job, it’s very easy for me and the people I work with allow me time off when I need time off.

I’m only taking two classes, Chem 101 in class room Mon/ Wed nights

A writing class on-line…

I work full time so I can only fit in two classes.

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I’m nervous about chemistry! My chem class is called chem and society…it’s targeted towards people who are not chemistry students, but who need to take a physical science. How do you feel about it? Do you think you’ll do ok?

Way to go Surprised. Chemistry is hard! Did you start yet?

not yet. I’m a bit nervous. It’s just in intro. I’ve got the math down, and I’m lucky my Mom is a science teacher.

I will be asking for help.

I will go to you with any questions then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I took chemistry in high school. I failed. I got behind early on and it was impossible to catch up. But it was probably due to the fact that I was smoking a LOT of pot. At school on breaks and lunch, while walking to school, and every night. plus my schizophrenia was starting about then. I was a smart kid growing up but I let school slide as I got older. But yeah, good luck in that. I don’t start my HARD classes until Winter quarter.

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I would love to take the children’s lit. That looks like a very fun class.

I actually took it last summer but it was an accelerated class i.e. the class was for 6 weeks but it had all the work of a three month class. So I dropped it. I know I will like it better than math or science but I know the work and it will not be easy.

I am taking intro to Business and College Algebra.


I love algebra. I wish I could take more math classes. What are you going for?

Art History, but I daydream about getting back into Studio Art in Ceramics.

When I took Chem 1 in college I had an absolutely horrible professor. The woman was just worthless. I decided to just not go back. Instead, I only went to class on test days, though I did do the mandatory labs, and never studied except on those test days. It was an incredibly stupid thing for me to do but I was losing it around that time and wasn’t thinking clearly. I got a D in the class.

When I took Chem in high school I had a horrid teacher. She was very unkind, old and bitter. I remember just not liking the sound of her voice so I would tune her out and daydream. I never listened to the lectures so I never learned anything. Labs I couldn’t do either, I was never a master at the test tubes or anything like that. I was just a mess in that class. I managed to get a B in that class but I have no idea how…maybe a misprint. I hope this time around I do better. @Malvok since you managed to ‘pass’ without learning maybe I can pick your brain about some topics. I bet you have a lot of general knowledge on the subject of chemistry.