My next class

I just signed up for my next online class. It’s Children’s Literature. I took it before and I know it’s hard but it might be fun too.
I read voraciously as a child. Lots of the classics; Robin Hood, Treasure island, Robinson Caruso etc, so I’m no stranger to children’s books. It will be my last RELATIVELY easy course. After this it’s math, English and science.


That sounds like a really cool class. You’ll do fine with it and like you said it might be fun. Don’t be afraid of math and science. Think of math like solving a puzzle. It’s very black and white. You put something in and you get something out. I’ve always had fun with math. I went as high as Calculus 3 and then it got intense. Science is just all memorization. There’s great resources online for it. With my textbook there was a website that had videos that explained the different concepts. I had those resources for Biology and Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2. If you can’t figure it out on your own take advantage of tutoring. Good luck! :sunny: