Gearing up for school

I got my books from (almost 75 bucks cheeper then the collage campus bookshop.) Got the classes I want. One on-line (English/Writing and composition) and one on campus, (Geometry) The on campus one is Tue/Thurs evenings and I can ride the bus in and catch a ride with the kid sis back. Since I am a gardner I would love to get more into design (geometry) and horticulture.

I was in hospital when I some how managed to finish my GED. How that happened I will never figure it out. So this is a bit scary. But I really want to try this. I had good grades for a while despite my head circus. I would like to think I can do this again. I’m looking into a speech class or maybe speech therapy if I do well this coming up quarter in January. I can not believe I am actually going to try to go to school. Two years ago, I never would have ever entertained this idea.

What a surprising two years it’s been.


That’s amazing, J! Wishing you the very best in reaching your goals!



yeah good luck man,

i hope you can do it and have a really good time doing it too :smile:

Good luck. I hope you do well. All you can do is to do your best and put out a good effort. I started college a couple years after I got out of an 8 month stay in a locked psychiatric hospital. It was 1984 and I was 23 years old. Now I need 5 classes for my AA degree. I’m registered for an online class in winter. I’ll keep plugging away.

Good luck with school surprisedj.

I could never get the nerve up to go to college after i quit school due to illness. I wish you great success with your studying.

good on you , good luck .
take care

That’s fantastic! Best of luck to you. I’m quite jealous as I’ve had to discontinue my degree because of illness but I suppose there’s nothing wrong in taking a much needed break!

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