Is Abilify a good med?

What are your experiences with Abilify? Comment below please

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Its mediocre med with good side effects profile. Its not as effective as clozapine, risperidone and amisulpride.


I take Aristada. It’s basically the same as Abilify, and have no cognitive problems like with Invega and with no meds.

With no meds my brain was on hogh alert and was like running a computer with a lot of programs open. Lots of thoughts. Now I have a single thread of thought instead of a hundred.

My head is clear, I have emotions, and a little more motivation


Tons of people do really well on Abilify. It’s a good med. For me it gave me TD. For some it gives them compulsions or other side effects. But for most people it’s a good med.

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It was actually the best decision I made… although that was my experience and everyone experiences meds differently

Its the only med that worked for my negative symptoms.

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Its a weak AP i think thats why pdoc put you in that drug at first. When that fails he might try stronger ones. The problem with stronger APs is it can carry more side effects. In this regard your pdoc did a good thing to minimise as much side effects in this young age.

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For me, it worked really well at controlling my delusions and paranoia. And it gave me energy. But it made me feel really restless (I couldn’t sit still, and when I was sitting I would swing my legs almost uncontrollably as if I had restless leg syndrome). It also caused me ocular gyro a couple times. But I think it might be good for someone who tends to have low energy and is not prone to getting ocular gyro.

I suffered mania from taking Abilify. I’m now on Clopixol, that is a good drug, in my opinion. I don’t feel the same way about Abilify and regret having taken it. It gave me a relapse that took a long time to get over. I ended up being sectioned and being taken to 2 different psychiatric hospitals. I was released in February.

I’m glad I switched from Zyprexa to Abilify. I don’t have the appetite and am not hungry all the time anymore. I’ve lost 40 lbs on Abilify. My stuffy nose is gone. The anxiety is gone. The only side effect I’ve had is insomnia, but I’m sleeping better as time goes on. Maybe the insomnia was caused by stopping Klonopin.

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I took abilify the 400mg injection and it did nothing for me x

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I was on Olanzapine and the side effects were putting my physical health in serious jeopardy. My doc suggested we try Abilify and we had both heard good things about it, I switched to it in the hopes my physical health would improve while controlling my psychosis. I only took it for a short time but it didn’t work, I started having hallucinations, but I didn’t have any side effects either. I ended up back on olanzapine This was back around 2012.

I am now on Lurasidone and it works really good.

Guys do you think Abilify (aripiprazole) can suit me I really want to check this drug, there is another person who did a genetic test (*look at the photo below) to match drugs like me and Abilify appears as a “Standard” like me and the drug works great for him at the moment I am taking Xeplion (paliperidone) and sometimes I feel horrible with it.

How did you get on with Abilify @Crystal?

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Abilify is good for me overall. It helps with my positive symptoms and also my anger issues. I get less obsessive about my odd thoughts. But I still believe them deep down.

My experience is that it made my depression symptoms worse. However, I hear it is a good drug for most people.

I actually got a pretty good increase in physical strength from Abilify. That is rare for an AP. They had to take me off it eventually. I didn’t experience any kind of psychosis while I was on Abilify. I just got a little too jittery. I was kind of manic while I was on it.

That would likely have that kind of effect.

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I think it can be a good med if you let it be. Being on the med is only part of the equation.

Looking after yourself is another.


I like Abilify more than paliperidone.
Everyone reacts different though.

I’m on Abilify Maintena and it works for me fine

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