Is abilify really a good treatment?


Anyone has good experience with this drug ?


Works well for me, even on a low dose now


perfect for me
15mg no psychosis no side effects


Every med is different for everybody. One person’s miracle med is another’s poison.

Having said that I’m on abilify 15mg and it keeps me stable. It raised my blood sugar so I’m prescribed metformin for that.


For me, Abilify was a bad med. It made my psychosis really intense. The pdoc had to take me off of it after about a week and a half.


Abilify works well for me but gives me anxiety. But I try to keep busy in order to relax and get myself tired by the end of the day. L-theanine will be coming tomorrow in the mail so I hope it works.


Works for me. No delusions. Minimal hallucinations. I’m stable on 25 mg.


Abilify worked really well for me for almost 5 years. Then I went off it and went crazy and when I tried to go back in it it didn’t work. Tried to go back in it a few years later and it sort of worked, but caused my left leg to swell up really badly. I couldn’t even put a shoe on. Tried it again last month and gained 9 lbs in one week while still on a restricted calorie diet, so I didn’t get to see if it worked or not.

But I liked it well enough that first time.