Abilify: The Perfect Antipsychotic?

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my brother and I had both tried abilify. it made him tired but it made me paranoid and hyper. the perfect anti psychotic doesn’t exist.


I tried Abilify. I lost control of my bowels almost immediately, had horrible stomach cramps and then passed out for several hours. I didn’t try a second dose.

Not for me. Although it didn’t make me a zombie like other medications I tried, I stayed very psychotic, maybe even more than without meds, and extremely restless. Didn’t work. For others that I know it worked well though, they are happy on it.

the same thing happened to me while on fanapt. but the doctor kept me on it for several months until I finally switched doctors.

Wasn’t for me :triumph:

That’s ridiculous. I’m glad you got away from that psycho. My doc got angry with me because I refused to take any more. I’m not going to volunteer to ■■■■ my pants in public. I’ve got enough problems already. I don’t understand these doctors. I know that things sometimes improve but I felt that was severe enough to expect there to be an ongoing problem.

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pill zyprexa with injection abilify= imo is the greatest combo for me

You have a right to refuse meds if it has that severe of a negative effect. My doc wouldn’t listen and worse yet she thought I was lying about still having symptoms

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Why would you lie about that? What could you possibly gain? That’s just weird.

I’m a really awful patient as far as following orders but I figure as long as I am well enough to walk around a free person, my medication is up to me. Once I get bad enough that they have to lock me up, then they’re in charge. But a lot of that is me still being irritated that when I was diagnosed, I was put on seven medications at once and all I could do was sit around drooling on myself. I have no idea how long I was like that but eventually I managed to figure it out and now I don’t trust those maniacs.

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Abilify was far from perfect but it did keep me out of the Hospital while I was on it for all those years.

Abilify made me feel really crisp. But in the long run was too sedating for me eveb at low doses

It made me pace around and stand up on one leg like a pelican. If you want to do an interpretive dance then it’s a great med. otherwise it’s total garbage

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Abilify is definitely NOT the perfect AP. It made me hyper paranoid, delusional and hallucinatory.

Abilify has made me feel so so so much better these past few days. I hope that trend continues lol. So it could be the perfect AP for me.

It didn’t work for me. I had no changes in the voices. Just got a mild case of the shakes. >:c

unlike the majority of people here i am on abilify and like it. I have been on it about 4 months now and my voices are a lot more quiet and im no longer super sedated like i was on other APs.

pssshhhhh gave me erectile dysfunction and big increases in anxiety.