Hey folks, so I am on quetiapine currently on 250mg dont have the paranoia stuff and other deillusions.
But still suffering from thought echoes which makes me crazy sometimes. So my psychiatrist told me today that I might give a try to INVEGA(paliperidone) cause it’s the newest antipsyhotic medication and he said people usually tell good stuff about it.
Was wondering if someone has tried it before and can tell me more about his/her experience about it. Has it ended your sympotms, or is it helped more than other medications?
Thank you indeed. :slight_smile:


Are u on pills or injection…!! I am on resperidone 3 mg… i think invega is not available in our country…


I’m on 12 mg oral Paliperidone (max dose), and 1 mg Abilify, and it’s just barely taking care of my voices, although they can be heard still when it’s totally quiet. I might have treatment resistance from adjusting the dose so much.

Going to try this out for a few weeks until the 29th, and if it doesn’t make me feel comfortable, I’m going to ask for a switch to Haldol.


Ohh, sorry to hear that.
I hope you get better soon.
About the haldol my doc said that its a good medication it was made in the 60’s but it has high side effects which I would like to avoid like doozines, and dont want to have cognitive disfunctions.


I’m on pills at the moment. On kventiax ( quetiapine) 250mg


@anon51414962 is also on invega…!!!


im on the paliperadone jab - and have no complaints about it. Its given me a new lease of life.


I was on 6mg oral Invega for a long time, and it worked better than other things I’ve tried.
It doesn’t sedate me, and it makes the voices fade into background noise. They’re barely noticeable now.

I had to have my dose upped to 9mg due to stress making my symptoms worse.

There were some side-effects, but they disappeared after a few weeks.
For me, it was lessened appetite, intense hunger, and dry mouth.

I’m pleased with it :slight_smile:


Yes I’m on Invega 9 mg pill and I have a good opinion about it. I like it because I have no voices while on it :blush:


It did almost nothing for my paranoia and delusions, only helped slightly with hallucinations. I didn’t like it.


On 6mg barely any voices. Eventually I’ll be on 9mg then there will be no voicesj


What kind of voices you have internal or external?
Is it simmilar to thought echoes?
Have you tried other medications aswell?


What meds your taking right now?
Do you get auditory hallucinations too?


Have you had voices on different meds before?
What kind of voices you used to have ?
I am acutally planning to change from quentiapine to invega.


Happy to hear that mate :slight_smile:
What kind of meds have you tried before and what kind of voices you used to have?
Is it like thought echoes?
Cuz I hear it sometimes in the background.


Have you experienced before voices or you didnt had auditory hallucinations at all?
Is invega was the key which helped you the most?
Is this your first medicine you tried?


I’m on haldol decanoate and haloperidol oral. I still get some auditory and very occasional tactile/olfactory/visual hallucinations.


Yes, most recent voices i heard was one year and half ago while i was on Abilify pills. Voices of women arguing between themselves and comenting my actions. I heard them in my ears loud like external voices.


I’ve tried risperdal and abilify.

I hear voices as in, internal voices. Always commenting, always having opinions and making demands.
With Invega they’re just background noise, as if they’re really far away.


Helped alot but my personality sycks now and I’m always bord and goodbye labido