Side effects of invega (Paliperidone)

I’m wondering what kind of side effects people have gotten from Invega (paliperidone) pills.

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I felt like I cud not live in the moment, it was the opposite of meditation

Akathisia and I currently am depressed which personally I think is the paliperidone but my doctor disagrees. Just been put on an anti depressant. Hopefully it counter acts it.

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Sexual side effects

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The most notable for me was weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and depression. I had akathisia for a little while but it went away. But everybody’s different so it just depends.

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Does the shot count here? I hate it. No symptoms relieved at all. Relying on my Laxtimal to stay non-violent and halfway sane.


For the first two weeks, my mouth was dry all the time and I was insiatiably hungry.
The sideeffects went away, though, and now I feel great :slight_smile:


Not sure if its a symptom - but i have utter complete boredom and lack of enjoyment in anything. Im on the paliperadone injection 100 mg. Im thinking of sucking up the Sz symptoms, cos my voices are not that horrible - more delusions, and quitting the jab. I just cant fcking laugh anymore and its killing me!!

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Yea i know whachu mean. Eventually i started laughing somewhat after a year but i still cant laugh as much or cry at all for that matter

I like invega

It’s like a more pure and clean risperdal.

I’m on the depot, 156mg. I think depot is better than the tablets. It metabolizes way better.

Keep in mind I am on a antidepressant (which will not change anytime soon) so i have never known what invega was like without an AD.

I know what risperdal consta was like though… yucky. It DID help positive symptoms, though.

I was on an Invega shot for three months after my hospitalization late last year, and while it helped my symptoms initially, into the second and third months I had the most incredibly dark and intrusive thoughts. I wasn’t hallucinating, but the thoughts were just as bad if not worse than hallucinations, and the medicine took so long to wear off after my last injection back in January. I won’t go into detail about the thoughts because of how bad they were.

I do not recommend it. Everybody is different but I got stuck in a horrifying side effect situation where I couldn’t just stop taking the medicine. I’m not noncompliant, I just stop taking a medicine if it gives me intense ideation within the first month. It says on the label to stop taking it if that happens, for crying out loud. I’ve only stopped two medicines in my life because of that and Invega is one of them, boy I struggled each shot appointment with whether or not to get it.

I’m glad I’m off of it. Even the worst arguments I’ve had with the voices pale in comparison to how dark my mind got. I would advise taking the pill form so that if this strikes you a month in you can stop taking it. You don’t want to end up facing a month of that type of thing. I no longer have those thoughts and haven’t since about two months after my last injection.

I just got prescribed Sertraline so hoping what I’m experiencing will subside. Don’t know if it’s a side effect from paliperidone but hoping it helps. I don’t have positive symptoms on paliperidone.

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@Brian Tex it’s a long list. the injection has a longer list but the pill has a shorter one and is much easier to get out of your system if you have a negative reaction to it. i’ve met many people who both suffer from it and don’t, it’s a very interesting med. anhedonia hits more people than not by what i’ve heard from first hand accounts regardless if you benefit from it or not. invega is paliperidone and paliperidone is the active ingredient in risperdal fwiw.

@Ayecoop i haven’t read all your posts yet but i’ve read quiet a few of em. you are a positive and realistic voice for those struggling and others here. much respect.


Does metabolism go back to the way it was or will i recover everything? Also do voices come back?

Right on thank you. Most people who take invega will be alright eventually. It can just start off rough. How u like invega?

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My symptoms have been relieved since I went to 234 mg

Paliperidone …is it related to risperidone?

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How long does it take for dopamine to rebound back to the way it was

I’m not a doctor or scientist. All I know is on 234 mg I feel great. 156 I felt awful. It was just my sz symptoms not being taken care of. With 234 mg I feel better mentally than I did before