Intrusive Thoughts log 9/6/2015

Have posted here about this before. But experienced panic attack early around 11am today. Thinking intrusive thoughts do not help with symptoms. My family are really understanding. Fortunately. Hopefully this will pass although my panic attacks last until i go to sleep in most cases.

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Also thinking embarassing and bizzare thoughts. Im thinking why am i thinking this too. Feel like others can read my thoughts too.

Notice that the thoughts are … just thoughts. And that they are not necessarily even close to accurate representations of reality.

All of the skills taught in these therapies deal with this nicely, and you can learn them on the cheap in workbooks you can get on

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Was wondering when u are going thru anxiety/panic attack whats the best way to get out of it. Any suggestions? Tried breathing and drinking tea. Should i go to the hospital if it gets really bad? My brother says it is not worth it. Being overmedicated and having to come back home, an endless cycle.

I try to lay as still as possible in bed. I put a blindfold over my eyes to help blot out any sources of light. I then try to focus on breathing and one of the protagonist spirits, a female, sometimes comes to my aide and I have a mental talk with her - even if imaginary it’s a comforting friendship.

Diaphragmic breathing with fairly rapid – but not forced – inhalations through the mouth and alternating slow – and slightly forced – exhalations through the nose are increasingly widely used in tx facilities now, as well as taught by crisis counselors and DBT therapists in the “emotion management” skill sets.

Do six reps then rest, then six reps then rest, and repeat until 1) blood oxygen levels are decreased and CO2 levels are increased, and 2) the vagus nerve has kicked the autonomic nervous system into gear.

If the pt is NOT already on a high-dose anti-P, a PRN dose of a sedating anti-P (like Seroquel quetiapine or Clozaril clozapine) will usually knock a panic attack down.

If one has a PRN benzodiazepine on hand like Klonopin clonazepam or Ativan lorazepam, they may also be effective, BUT… if the panic attack is more thought-stream-induced and slowly built up, benzos appear to be less effective than anti-Ps. Likewise, if the pt is already on systemic benzo dosing or abuses benzos, they tend not to work well for panic attacks.

If the pt IS on a high-dose anti-P (e.g.: a sz-level dose), a very strong sedative like Haldol halperidol is the standard go-to in every ER or long-term residential facility I know of.