Anxiety attack again

Been going thru anxiety attack again this time a little earlier around 11am, have trouble swallowing and starting to panic, took my prn. Hopefully it will pass soon.

wheres your bottle of water dumbass.

Try taking slow breaths in and out. that used to help me. You have to fight the anxiety to overcome it and it’s different for everybody. I finally had to convince myself “so what if I have a panic attack?” and the panic went away. good luck.

Im here for you breath Free.

Think of something not here ,focus on something out the window. …

I have a bottle of water. But you’re right need to stay hydrated. Thanks petester.

Just calm down and everything will be ok, remember last time? Youll make it.

Deep breaths help me when I am freaking out

Best for panic attacks when they are happening:


Best to prevent them from happening and/or reduce their intensity:

10 StEP –

Also see…

Thanks notmoses for these helpful resources!

Thanks notmoses for the helpful resources!