Intrusive Thoughts log 8/23/15

Suffering from panic attacks lately and then think of intrusive thoughts and this makes me even more nervous. Even writing on this forum makes me nervous when i am like this. I hope one day i will be free of these intrusive thoughts. Can remember way back when that i did not think these thoughts or have a severe anxiety/panic attack.I would give anything not to go through these panic attack or think any intrusive thoughts. What i thought was pain or discomfort was nothing like this.Don’t want any reading or seeing these thoughts. Wish i can just fall asleep. Anxiety/panic attack is taxing on my body. Feel mentally exhausted.

I understand. I have them too right now. They are disturbing and horrible. I feel like its me sometimes. You are not trying to do this. You just have a subconscious repetition popping up in your thoughts, due to the minds miscommunications. You can realize a rationalize this. you already are by posting. I get so worked up by thinking “incorrect.” You are fine being you. so what if it was thought. What you do makes who you are. I think sometimes I should be ashamed for my thoughts and obsession’s. Nope. I have done much better and have tried. you are trying now.

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Thanks ImSureimCrazy,
Did you ever remember a time when you did not have these anxious intrusive thoughts. I keep wishing for those days, This convinces me that i am not my thoughts.

I miss that too. I remember back when I didn’t hallucinate all day, it was something to behold. I also remember having positive hallucinations & feelings almost all day as an SZ while untreated. I miss that the most probably. You wouldn’t believe the things I was allowed to see. It was glorious.

yeah. I miss it and pray each day for a way out. you just have to keep yourself physically active, then the disorder is not so important. of course little glimpses would show up, but keep in mind that it can only get better. my voices are the main reason I wish to go back in time.