Intrusive thought vs inserted thought

What is the difference between these two things? I pretty much find my train of thought is invaded by strange/external of origin thoughts. But sometimes these invasive thoughts are about experiences in the past. Either way I feel like the sovereignty of my mind is lost. I spend most of my time speaking vulgarity to these troublesome thoughts. This can be very embarrassing if I am on a bus etc.

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i don’t believe i have live time inserted thoughts. screen memories, pre-programmed responses to certain triggers but not telepathy. just plain ole hypnotic bollocks. intrusive thoughts yes though.

For me… not for everyone, but for me… an intrusive thought is one that just comes around again and again a spreads until its the only thing I can think and I’m stuck in a loop and when I try to read, or refocuse my mind, this thought comes an intrudes on me. Sometimes it even goes visual and all I see is blood. I hate that one.

Inserted thoughts for me is when I’m really engrossed in a book or my work and I’m here, in the present, in the now, doing my work, reading up on the plants, or repotting seedlings or out pruning and doing trail work and all of a sudden, out of the blue, I’m thinking about something so off topic, so foreign it actually freezes me mid motion for a second. How did that just happen? Where did that come from?

That used to really upset me and it was so hard to get through. But I’ve learned that it’s just my mind jumping. No one inserted anything into me. My brain just decided to jump. That’s what I tell myself as much as I can.


For me an intrusive thought is the same as an inserted thought - it is something alien that invades my personal space and is unwanted.

i wonder if i get inserted thoughts sometimes,

today I was washing a dish and I was about to go fill a bowl with soup and in my mind i am saying my self its time to eat some (Inserted word - Agricultural) Soup. but the word agricultural totally feels as if i wasnt thinking that.

it was vegetable soup

Intrusive or inserted thoughts are the only bad thing that still happens to me. For instance I was looking at my big black great Pyrenees the other day and he was lying down and I thought. He looks like a slaughtered buffalo and then suddenly I found myself trying to erase the image of a skinned buffalo from my mind. Things like that. Sometimes the thoughts will be from my delusional past like the gore my mind imagined when I thought the dark side was killing everyone with baseball bats and chef knives…bad stuff I can’t shake. I am still haunted.

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Today i was getting a bit thought insert.

Anytime I looked at a person I’d hear the word “isotopes” or “organism” or “microbe”
And I just looked at people as if they were just that not as a living human being.

Strange thought anyway

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Lately one of my thought insertions a little while ago was the term “cognitive dissonance” but i didnt really know what that even was.

It is : from Wikipedia: In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.


Invasive is like obsessive thoughts. You can’t get it out of your head. For example, the demons give me invasive thoughts that I can’t control regarding disturbing or dark things. They override my normal thoughts and I can’t stop thinking about them wen they happen, no matter how heard I try.

Inserted thoughts is like a thought that doesn’t come from you, I think it’s the technical term for “inner voices” as some people call them.

I see how they could be the same thing though…hmm…that’s my thoughts on it anyways.

Thought Insertion is often characterized as a delusion, meaning that the thoughts in question are not only experienced as not your own, but are actually attributed to another agent.

i don’t really get much of either tbh. i get imagery but it’s internal. the voices claim to be sending me images but i don’t actually believe they are seperate from me so it’s all cool. i think they are just splinter personaities////sort of many me’s with different voices, turned in on me/////or rather turned against me. that’s where i think the voices and images come from.