How do you tell intrusive thoughts and thought insertion apart?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

One is real the other is not. One causes both, and the other does not.

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I don’t quite follow

Thought insertion is the feeling of thoughts put in your head by outside force.
Intrusive thoughts are inside. The subconscious

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And the person experiencing thought insertion would always subjectively experience it as such? Could he or she feel confused about the origin of the thought?

Yes maybe. I had suicidal and homicidal ideas put in my head by aliens. Or by agents

Ok. How does ontological uncertainty arising from self-disorder fit in? I don’t feel thoughts are being inserted as such, but I do feel often confused as to who is thinking what I’m thinking

Maybe ipseity disturbance. Not taking responsibility for your actions or thoughts.
Maybe you have control delusions. Something external controlling you

I think it is because I’m successful at comparmentalising my self-expression, from my functional social life, skilled at hiding weirdness, to my new core self, which I believe divine in origin.

I have no ego. I feel one with everything.
I have no self. I feel I am all persons of history and of future.

I’m also convinced of that, but I suspect I frame it differently probably because we draw from slightly different intellectual and spiritual traditions

So you have both intrusive thoughts and thought insertion?

Intrusive thoughts yes, but that’s not a psychotic symptom. Purely obsessional OCD is far worse than sz in that regard. Thought insertion I suspect not, but yes detachment from my own thoughts which I barely recognise as my own at times

Thoughts coming from outside is loss of ego boundaries. I feel my brain transmits and receives messages from outside. Like my head is transparent. And thoughts come and go freely


I used to have this. Thoughts freely left other’s heads and entered my head. And vice versa.


From my experience:
Thought insertions are when you feel that a thought is inserted by another force.
Intrusive thoughts is when you have a thought that is already in your mind that you’re thinking of.

I find both very difficult to handle, but I can understand both somehow.

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