Thought insertion vs intrusive thoughts

Can someone shed some light on the difference between intrusive thoughts and thought insertion?
Specifically with examples i.e. What it feels like to have these conditions.

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intrusive thoughts sound like thoughts that arise somewhat naturally yet dominate the mind…?
thought insertion sounds like people telling you something, again and again, until it stays in your head…?
I think I sometimes suffer from the first. the second one sounds like brainwash…


I have random bizarre types of thoughts that have a paranoid flavor to them like “micro chip”. Or “cops"
Sometimes loud thoughts that go, “cough” or clear”. Referring to my throat. They are almost like command hallucinations and they were present during my last episode. They are in my inner voice though, except for the one thought that I imagine an old friend of mine heckling me when Im using the bathroom.

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Someone if hijacking my brain all my life !!! Can’t really prove it !!! Can only say both intrusive thoughts and intrusion thoughts are really badly happening all my life everywhere within and around me. Too many evil enemies in this World. Can’t really prove anything.