Intrusive thoughts vs voices

can someone explain this to me

Intrusive thoughts are inside your
head. For me, I know that they’re internal.
Voices are heard externally, as though someone is physically speaking near you. They always feel external to me.
That’s how I distinguish between the two.

From what I understand intrusive thoughts are thoughts that you don’t want because they are dusturbing but you have them anyway. They are involuntary. They come in three forms, sexual, religious, and thoughts of people getting hurt. I’ve had problems with them and it happens when I get stressed. I’ve read it has something to do with anxiety. I don’t hear voices.

Are your intrusive thoughts disconnected from your main line of thought? Ie main line of thought thinking about whether you should go shopping tomorrow and something like ‘Ted Nugent is a closet homosexual’ or other unconnected random phrase pops into your head.

Yes, the intrusive thoughts are completely disconnected from my main thought process. They disturb me, they are involuntary and I feel horrible for them being in my head. Unfortunately, I have no control over them whenever they are present.

Sounds like me. I was thinking about asking my doctor for an SSRI the next time I see him. The intrusive thoughts are one of the reasons why. I feel like if I were on an anti-depressant it wouldn’t be such a problem. Problem is I’ll have mania to deal with …always something.

Wikipedia has a good article about intrusive thoughts.

Unfortunately for me, the medication is worse than the illness. I was on an SNRI for nearly 5 years, and would never consider going back on such a drug. I have to live with these thoughts for now, until my antipsychotic meds are titrated to the optimum dose.
I currently don’t hear voices, which is a postive I’m taking from this.

Sorry the meds aren’t working out better for you, I know how it feels to have to just suck it up. I never had a whole lot of luck with the meds either, they’ve been just good enough to keep me alive. SNRI’s scare me.

Good luck to ya.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’m not writing them off completely, but different meds and therapies work for different people. I’m satisfied with my current treatment regime. The last thing I need right now is an antidepressant, as I’m currently flitting between hypo and full blown mania.

what about thought insertion? i was told intrusive thoughts were thought insertion

Some of my intrusive thoughts are right out of the blue and I can in no way figure how my brain came up with such a thing. Some of the voices however will say things that are completely against my character and very upsetting to me.
Again, I have no idea how my brain would come up with such a thing.

I always felt like intrusive thoughts was when I was on a topic and all of a sudden, I freeze. I just lost the sentence as it was coming out of my mouth. Then I would jump start onto another completely different topic so I wasn’t just standing there in a daze.

theres another word for that J
what yr experiencing

i frgt what its called

Before i was on regular injections i would get a succession of unconnected phrases in my mind that were random and not connected to a main line of thought. This happened at night and was irritating because it kept me awake for hours, but i can’t say they were,except very occasionally, unpleasant/upsetting or distressing.

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I think that thought insertion and what suprisedj is talking about are both “formal thought disorder”. There is a whole list of them. I’m pretty sure they are different than intrusive thoughts, but I’m no doctor.

these thoughts i have are most times voices of people that i dont know.

gender thhat isnt me

men and women

then theres thought insertion

I have intrusive thoughts almost 247 they are really bothersome. Sometimes I get them confused with the voices however the voices sound like a complete different person.

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Good Q. Thoughts I think come more from paranoia. I cannot tell if voices are left or right, inside or out honestly. For me, it’s like you can almost detect direction, but they are so odd, I can’t tell really. It’s disorienting at times.

Some of my most intrusive thoughts come from one of my voices. It really upsets me. I hate that one voice more then all the rest.

Hello, is there anybody out there?
What’s the consensus did the SSRIs help? If so which one?