Intro: just saying 'hi'

what’s up, people of fire!
After hovering for awhile I got jelly of people actually having conversations and created an account.
I am an artist - I was one prior to being diagnosed - after being diagnosed I just decided that I might as well get cozy with remaining one forever (without feeling that I have to evolve into something more respectable - like - graphics designer, for example) - HOWEVER! - if I do somehow miraculously get better or at least find ways to adopt to my present condition enough to lead a productive life - I will immediately evolve into something respectable - hopefully not as boring as plain old graphics designer.
Meanwhile, I am back to living with my mom - weak sauce - in Detroit. I paint whenever I manage to tear myself away from my compulsive and delusion/driven (she said, pretending to be sane) research of mind control (don’t mean to trigger anybody - but - boo!)
Again - just wanted to say ‘hello’ and announce my arrival. I really hoped to make it more of a dramatic arrival by posting my art - but new members are not allowed to post images. so - just use your imagination to imagine what a dramatic arrival it would have been otherwise - ta-dah!
Have a nice what’s left of the weekend

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Hello ! This is my first day on here too and I also am an artist of sorts…just for fun…I tried my hand at being a professional artist but found I couldn’t come up with enough original work to make it worthwhile…anyways, glad to see you on the site…!

do you have your works posted anywhere online?

a long time ago I did, but it’s been so long I don’t remember the name of the site…

well - may be when u achieve a status of user-trusted-enough-to-post-images - u can share some of ur works (i will do too)

I have no pic loading capabilities on my computer…oh well…haha…

Welcome to the forum, Crazy2 and good to see you again, jukebox !

Hi. I draw too. Mostly portraits. But also other things like abstract and some fantasy.

Welcome, crazy2 and jukebox

I’m pretty new myeslf maybe a month old here, but posted an image in a creativity thread just yesterday so you won’t have to wait too terribly long, and I will be looking forward to seeing your artwork. I have actually felt similar to what you describe, as i have come to terms with the permenance and debilitating nature of my disease(schizoaffective,but originally dx’d bipolar then borderline) over the years, i have begun to feel as if i should not continue attempting to fit in with normal productive society and instead put my energy into what I really feel most comfortable doing - art and that i may have a better chance of becoming a more productive member of society by going my own way as opposed to the one more commonly travelled.

Welcome crazy2 and jukebox! I used to dabble in artwork. But I’ve never taken classes, nor do I have a degree in art. I painted a mural of flowers on my parents foyer. I can do portraits from a picture, but I’ve never had anyone sit live for me.

I used to live in a suburb of Detroit–Birmingham, MI. It was a terrible place.

Well, anyway, hope you enjoy your time here. The people are very supportive.

Birmingham is like a cultural center comparing to where live - even more of suburban suburb

Yeah. Is it Birmingham that has the Arts Beets And Eat festival every summer? :art:

I would not know - I am new here. Are you from somewhere around?

It may be more of a cultural center, but the people I met there growing up were very snobbish, and very mean to me for not being rich.

hi mr @crazy2 person,

cant wait to see your art x

I am a girl
I will post some as soon as

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just so you know i am the non crazy person on here…everyone else is mad…joking…
got to go working on my spaceship…
take care

Hi Darksith,
I noticed how very highly functioning u were right away. I was all like - damn, I want to be like that guy - then I joined this forum to find out secret to ur unnerving sanity and I am totally lying to u right now
Whats up - and - Nice to meet u

i forgot to say welcome !
welcome, and last of all but not least welcome.
may the stars always shine for you,
may your path be a beautiful one,
back to repairing my spaceship.
" droid, i need the space hammer and thingy me bob ? !
take care

Hey Jukebox! Glad to see you made it over here! Hope all goes well with you.
Sure would like to see some of your work. Banjo’s are good too!
Take care.