Finally a good day!

I just wanted to share that today I have been psychosis free and very happy. I picked up a tablet yesterday evening in a rather bad part of town (I was worried I would be shot the entire process) nevertheless this will allow me to start doing more graphic design and digital art work which are both very exciting opportunity for me. Also this weekend the new X-Men movie is coming out and my local zoo has added dinosaur exhibits that I am extremely excited to go see on Sunday. I also will have to stop in and visit my favorite primates and take some new pictures for my new animal study.

I know many people like my dark artwork but those images while therapeutic at the time are not things I enjoy looking at. They remind me of dark places in my mind. I am excited to do some more natural themes and something more … happy.

I want to thank everyone on this forum who has supported and appreciated my artwork here. The comments and likes are well received and help me stay motivated. Please keep an eye out for much more to come. I am sending happy vibes out to all of you.


Yay! I’m so glad you are having a great day!

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Im glad to hear that you are feeling good @sasha. You seem to be a very interesting person with an extraordinary gift


This is great news to hear! Keep up the positive momentum and enjoy your time this weekend!

Also looking forward to some more awesome artwork :slight_smile:



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Good luck in your art. You’re quite talented. I could never do that!

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Good deal @sasha. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a doc for you the other day. :frowning:

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I destroyed all of my old sculptures. They got a lot of darkness out of my head when I needed it. But after a while, looking at the twisted faces and the scream pain, and the injured, fractured stuff just made me sick. I didn’t want to see that anymore. I wanted to see stuff that would help me heal.


good for you…what wonderful news for the artwork and the fact that you are feeling better

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Good to hear that you’re feeling well! And I love your artwork, it’s gritty and no ■■■■■■■■, it illustrates our condition very well. I myself can draw and might post some more of my art from my psychotic days, it’s mostly stuff like my three sides, I used to think that I had split personality and later learned that dissociative identity disorder only occurs in people who are not aware of having multiple personalities…but I still feel some resonance of “Red” “White” and “Black”, my three sides.

Red is sexually depraved and loves violence even more than sex, White is very bright and rational and is Buddhist, Black is weary yet tough and loves to drink and smoke. I still wear only red, white and black, I still feel like other colors dont look right on me and I feel uncomfortable wearing other colors. The vast majority of my wardrobe is red, black and white, and my lifting gear is all red, white and black. In the gym I wear mostly black and white, sometimes a red top if I am planning on setting a personal record. Red used to be out of control, violent video games, excessive exercise, no meds, overdoses of legal stimulants (preworkout drinks and energy drinks like water) and tons of porn. Red is also very psychotic, thats sort of DUH

Today I am mostly White and Black, with a little red now and then. Red had his peak when I was 19, I was psychotic as hell. I dont drink, I am prescribed xanax and it works better for me, I take it morning and night instead of alcohol, and I am on a low dose, just 1mg. I used to drink morning and night.

But anyways, sorry to ramble about me. I hope you stay well and enjoy your weekend you have planned! I love the zoo, we have a great zoo here in Memphis.

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