Internal dialogue


Does anyone else have a continuous inner dialogue? Like a narration or commenting on everything during the day? Like as I type this I am saying the words in my head. But at the same time everything I hear is noted and commented on.

It is tiring. I can have multiple trains of thought at once. Plus having mock conversations. It only calms down after I take a risperdone pill. Then I have just one line of thought.

I forgot my pill until a few minutes ago and missed it two days prior.


Yes, I had a running commentary on my actions and thoughts. Zyprexa made it stop


I do! It drives me crazy. I ask everyone if they have this and they say they do. But I don’t think they do the way I do. It’s like different from my thoughts. It’s in addition to my thoughts. It comes from a different place in my head. It will stop if I’m concerned about thought broadcasting because it’s so loud I’m convinced people can hear it (even though I know that’s not true) but my mind stops it out of some old fear that people can hear it. It’s weird. And it’s tiring. And the conversation annoys me to get involved sometimes. And there are other people, like people I know, or sometimes don’t know getting in on the conversation. Do you have that too?


Like you have that person in your mind replying? It is almost a visual reproduction of them for me, but in My heag


Me too, their head pops into my head, I see their head when they want to talk. It all happens in the front of my head by my face. My other thoughts are in the back of my head. When I’m talking to people in the real the thoughts are in the back of my head where they feel more protected from anyone hearing them. Then when I’m alone it moves to the front again where it’s open and vulnerable, it will do this when my husband is around, I guess I don’t mind being vulnerable around him. But sometimes I just want quiet. When I go to bed I try to ignore it but it nags at me until I engage in the conversation and that’s pretty much how I fall asleep every night. I’m used to it but tired. I’ve taken a med that got rid of it before but I couldn’t stand it being that quiet. I don’t know what to do without it. It’s how I work out problems and know how to communicate with people I think. I guess when you go so long with it one way it’s hard to learn a new way. I’m 51 now it might be too late to change


At night my mind jumps from subject to subject. I have mock conversations and sometimes have the same thought on repeat. Hoping today the pill stops it Like usual. Already feels slowed down some.


If my mind is going in loops it’s a definite red flag I think. I’m a little obsessive all the time with same thoughts but they follow in a straight line. When I’m anxious or manic they go in loops that lead nowhere. I don’t know anymore what I would be like without medicine, it’s been so long since I’ve been off meds. I know sometimes when I accidentally skip a dose I don’t feel right. You must feel pretty weird being off for a couple days.


I have it.

It was really bad before I was on meds. Now it’s not as pronounced, or I’m just used to it.


Yes, that is sometimes very long. It takes a while until it stops and it robs me of energy. I also often have a proper presentation, as if I have a YouTube channel and in my head then YouTube videos come in which I speak and I always get the right images in my head. It runs like a video in front of my eyes. And it goes really long until it drifts into the negative or I’m completely burned out of it.

I also see scenes of violence because my mind must always have a voice for everyone. In these scenes, I expirience violence by others against me. And the bullying that comes along to what always appeals to me is extremely disturbing.

And everything is done by a dialogue which I am narrating. But I do not start it, it just start on itself.


mine was, checking it and checking it

all my thoughts through the day, and actions

but only during mundane tasks

like cooking supper, or cleaning.

sorry you have that. meds have pretty much taken it away.

not completely though.


@leaf it does feel weird being off. It is kicking in now. Doc said we can keep risperdone as a prn. Works great.

@mikev0882 Glad yours calmed down some.

@Vuldarz I get violent thoughts with it at times. I treat them as intrusive thoughts and immediately change my position or activity. My therapist taught me to do that to help jar my mind away from any thought I don’t want.

@Daze mine is slowed way down with meds. Glad to hear yours is, too.

It is nice to talk to others who understand what I mean. Neuro typical people think I mean regular thinking.


Everyone… Try to calm the mind otherwise it will control every aspect of you… And when the mind is in control there’s no place for calmness…that bitch doesn’t rest…


The internal dialogue is a normal human capacity. It is actually your defence against the world at large. It can be stopped though. You simply accru silence and eventually it goes away. I stopped mine this way. The commenting is different though. Those are intrusive thoughts. And taking account of things that are said. Is called keeping an inventory.


The constant internal narrative seems to be related to brain inflammation. When I take an anti-inflammatory like Boswellia (a herbal OTC remedy), on top of my antipsychotics, the dialogue gets lessened.


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