Inner dialogue clarification help please

Hi guys. I’m dx’d BP NOS, and Psychotic Disorder NOS. I’m having an episode of some type now. When I have an episode, I research as it helps focus my brain.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an inner voice. Not external, just internal. It always runs. If I’m awake, it’s running. The same voice I read and think with. Sometimes it splits off and argues different points with another inner me voice.

No matter how much I read, I can’t figure out if this is typical. I know everyone has some inner dialogue, but can anyone help me out? Is it ok for it to be non-stop? Not sure if I should mention to my pdoc if it is a common thing. Thanks.

I mean you were diagnosed with a Psychotic disorder, anything is possible. Are you trying to avoid the schizophrenia label? I would have a conversation with your psychiatrist about your concerns, there are no psychiatrists here on this site

I don’t know for sure if it is scientifically proven or recorded in the Holy Scriptures. My psychiatrist advised me that the inner voice is not considered audiotory hallucination, if the patient him/herself can control it. The Holy Scriptures does mention about figurative heart, which I supposed cannot talk or converse with. A normal person would have feel the “ache” both in the head and around the chest if found him/herself guilty of wrongdoings.
Other than that, I have known of sources describing the inner voices as different energy beings, of which have no approval by whatsoever.
If you read my the other topic on “My Real Identity and Underlying Issues”, personally the inner voice could talk to me, but that is what I perceived as split personality.
As to your case, I will need more precise information to be revealed in order to elaborate on. This is a phenomenon unique to everybody, IMO.

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I’m not trying to avoid a label. I just don’t talk much. Even to my doc. If everybody has inner dialogue 24/7 then I guess it’s not an issue at all and I don’t have to stammer through trying to explain something to him that is typical.

I’ve read as many things as I can find on “voices”, but I can’t find if having your own “inner voice/s” going non-stop is typical.

I understand there are no psych docs here, wasn’t asking for a dx, just some insight from others whom may have a better idea if it is typical. Thanks anyway though.

No I understand, I personally will get the occasional loud inner dialogue. I think this is common with many of your psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia. I will occasionally get auditory hallucinations, but this is different than inner dialogue
I also think that some neurotypical people will have inner dialogue, depending on what is happening in their life

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I think you need a med check Illusionary, I had inner voices when I was still delusional…you may be just unstable enough that only a med increase or change would help probably.


Just to clarify, it’s MY inner voice. The same one I’ve always had for as long as I can remember.It’s not something I want gone. I don’t think I can handle that. It’s not that bothersome for the most part, it just NEVER shuts up. I always thought it was what everyone experienced. Now I’m seeing that might not be the case.

Thanks for the input guys. It’s good to get feedback from those that understand.


i think those are your thoughts.

it isnt like you can describe a character too the voice, that is so different then you
in tone of voice. right?

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The inner voice is me. There is another voice also, but it is me too. I always thought they were my thoughts.

What makes me think it might not just be my thoughts, is that it runs constantly. When I’m talking, reading, anything. My inner voice is going. Mostly just funny stuff, but without it, I’d feel alone and in danger.

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I think it is your thoughts too

if you are unwell it can get pretty strange up there but the “inner voice” will sometimes debate or be silly sometimes.

of course it is constant. If you mediate seriously you can sometimes slow the process down, but that is one form of meditation (watching the breath)
sometimes Ive followed only my breathing for a few seconds or so in meditation, but that would be the only time I’m not really thinking - just focusing.

I usually have a dialogue going on in my head. It is me and I know that it is me. I talk to me a lot :blush: However it’s not 24/7 and I can stop it if I want to by turning my attention to something else.

Is it possible that what you are experiencing could be considered intrusive thoughts?

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It is possible. I guess it could be considered intrusive as I can’t turn it off. I’ve found that some anxiety disorders (OCD,GAD) may produce it also. I’ve observed my inner dialogue and it persists no matter the mood or anxiety factor.

I freaked myself out when I found out not all people experience this. Now that I know others (NT, and ND alike) do go through it, it helps put me at ease.

Thanks everyone!

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