Interesting religous facts

These are random but interesting religous facts.

The word “catholic” is a mish mash of ancient words, it means literally “prophet of the serpent”. Creepy huh?

The more original translations of genesis were completely aligned with scientific fact of today, the order in which things came about and even the time scale was right on somehow, needless to say that it never said anything was made in six “days”. Creepy huh?

Whoever wrote it, or inspired it’s writing(?), knew the earth was round, the “circle of the earth”. Creepy huh?

There are also telling statements that point in the direction of the knowledge of the universe expanding. Creepy huh?

The sabbath was on saturday, not on the day of the sun. Creepy huh?

It states clearly that jesus was very sick with different things, and was nothing that people would desire, he was basically an ugly, very sick, jewish (not white) guy that everyone called crazy the whole time. Creepy huh?

December 25th has nothing to do with his birth at all. And easter has nothing to do with anything in the bible either. Creepy huh?

It never said anything about three wise men, but many wise men, and there was never a manger at all, they kind of just make things up sometimes. Creepy huh?

The sun as it goes through it’s procession and reaches it’s lowest point in the winter time stays there for three days and then rises again. If there is a God and he sent a spirit to be a man for whatever reason then the very sun may in fact be a parable. Creepy huh?

The word “hell” was never in this book! Yes, “hell” was never in this book. That was just put in there by guess who, the “catholic”, or the “prophet of the serpent”. Wow! In fact within it everything works out just fine for every single one of us. Creepy huh?

“Forever and ever” was never found within it until ye olde “prophet of the serpent” put it in there, the other stuff was in there but nothing was ever “forever and ever” when it came to bad hard things of any kind. Creepy huh?

After seeing spirits many times, and having other strange things happen that prove that im not “schizophrenic” but instead have other things happening, i for one can’t wait to find out what is going to happen, and i think that we are all going to be very very surprised when it does.

This has been pansdisease bringing you the latest religious fun facts, because it’s all about having fun!

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More religious facts include:

The name jesus is a transliteration of yhwh, supposedly he was named after his father. Has nothing to do with zeus. Wierd.

Several instances when people think real things happen when they read it were “visions”, or hallucinations as our psychiatrists would have called them. Wierd.

The golden spiral/ratio is used to build the ark and the ark of the covenant. wierd.

It never said the flood was a global event at all, it was a localized event, and it never said that it covered the mountains but the “hill country of ararat”, it was only talking about the area, “earth” is interchangeable with how we say “ground” sometimes, it doesn’t mean the enitre earth or globe. Also, he never promised never to do it again in other translations but to not add to it. Wierd.

Jesus was constantly mobbed, he was not doing what is portrayed in religious movies as walking alone with twelve guys by themselves. Wierd.

If indeed they happened miracles would have a scientific basis routed in the tangible. And only because something is invisible does not make it intangible. wierd.

Theism is the belief in a God. A-theism is the disbelief in a God because you believe there is none. Agnosticism is the disbbelief in a God because you do not know. Seems to be some confusion about what atheism and agnosticism are these days. wierd.

Atheists constantly agree with the bible and do not know it. Most notably the fact of death, they say we die and so does the bible, at least the better translated ones do anyway. They are both agreed that there is no life when one enters death. They are also both agreed as to whether or not we have souls, atheists don’t believe in souls and this book never said that we have souls(as in something seperate from the body). Wierd.

Give me a break, i just like reading, it’s fun, and it’s all about having fun!

Oops, it’s not “catholic” that means that, it’s “vatican”.

“Vatican” means something like “prophet of the serpent”.

Problem corrected.