This is freaky!

Concentrate on the four vertical dots in the middle of the image below for about 30 seconds. Then close your eyes, tilt your head back. Keep them closed: You’ll see a circle of light. Keep staring at that circle. What do you see?


Wow, I did it a few times and got the same image each time. That was cool. I wonder who figures this stuff out?

i am guessing its jesus?

No, thats just “white jesus”.

I read that the guy was sick with many things, jewish, and ugly, he was “nothing humans desired”.

If he was real that aint what he looked like at all.

Some people say that our image of Jesus’ face is actually that of Michelangelo - that he made the Shroud of Turin - with a photographic method that he devised decades before modern photography.

Or maybe Leonardo da Vinci -

Ah come on! It was just a bit of fun lol