My new books about christianity is going to be a bomb!

man this book will contain all of the parts important to the faith! i will prove that the God of the bible was a sex maniac who had different consorts! and that heaven is located in the sky! i still have a feeling that people wont pay attention to it tough :grimacing:

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Every philosopher has interpreted Yahweh (the deity of the Bible) differently, even the philosophers found in the Bible - like David, Solomon, or Paul. Their relationships were always quite different, no relationship between God & the character ever being the same.

I just stay away from that book altogether because it has caused me much grief & suffering. Much of my early onset SZ was related to Biblical delusions. I studied it in the original languages and am not surprised at all that people worship the Bible as an authority on the topic of God. It’s extremely accurate & well put together, but it is the truth? I don’t know what to claim about who or what God is.


yeah i respect your opinion. and mostly if my book ever sees the light of the day my customer will be christian as well so there is nothing wrong with christianity. i was a christian myself prior to this illess. but once it started to work in me i became an opponent to christianity. call it anti christ or whatever but thats exactly how i feel. wouldnt mind a christian girl to become a girlfriend of mine though.

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how is the God of the bible a sex maniac again? :confused:

I was a christian when I was a little girl. I don’t see how Yahweh was a sex maniac when Jesus said if you look at a woman wrong you commit adultery. I just don’t think so.


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man you just got to read this book it has unbelievable evidence. but im only at like 30 pages right now and i think its going to be like 60 pages long with a few pictures to give further proof for all of my assertion. i think ill price it at 3-4 euros, its going to be cheap

its premiraly focusing on the fact that Jesus’s claim to being God isnt significant because there were other humans who did just that aswell.

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Probably wasn’t as bad as Zeus for all it really matters.

Muhammad married a 9 year old girl too. Had multiple wives.

Jesus is cool though. Wine. Standing up for the hos . Saint pimp I’ll call him.

Hurray for free speech!


funny that you mention zeus :smiley: because the book focuses heavily on a comparison between zeus and yahweh. giving many biblical proofs for the similarity between the two, including having children and having concubines. Hurray for free speech indeed!

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in what language are you writing?

All that i be knowin is that there are beings in the source of all things. Said source could not become anything without consciousness to make it so.

And i also be knowin that i don’t trust them one bit. You make earth then i don’t trust you, it’s a rule i have.

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Mary and Margaret made dinner for Jesus, and Margaret was doing all the work, while Mary was at Jesus’s feet, worshipping him. It teaches me that working your faith has nothing to do with procedures, but all about glory and honor to our Savior.

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These beings even made us all delusional, they put it in our bodies and our minds.

We think that we’re something that we’re not. We’re just machines but we think we are something else.

God has no excuse for this in my opinion, bad creation this place, he should not have done it.

There is no God, so u essentially are proving something which does not exist.

Jesus did exist and he was something.

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originally i was encouraged to write in german but then i realized that germany is a small country and there arent that many german speakers outside of germany except for austria and switzerland. so i decided to, for the sake of a greater readership, write in english. even though english is neither my 1st nor 2nd language i feel like i can convey my points and arguments just as much as i could in german. so yeah english it is.

there are more arguments for the existence than there are arguments for the nonexistence of a God.
however it isnt my beef to prove or disprove god with this book. rather to give evidence for views, of the biblical God, which people before never have established.

arguments for existence?..By whom?..Scientists?. Philosophers?. I think both of them point more to their non-existence than to its existence.

To be correctly said, the question itself is stupid since its like telling an Alien is next to you while you know that the question itself is absurd.

But the non-existence of God does not mean that there is no meaning in Life/Spirituality/Godliness etc as Richard Dawkins would make us believe.

There is a whole world beyond science (primarily concerning the Mind-Consciousness) which science can never reach to.

If God can create a rock that He cannot lift, then God is not omnipotent. If God cannot create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it, then God is not omnipotent.

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