Proving holy scriptures wrong

All of them. Here it goes yo. It’s easy.

“Love”. Love wouldn’t make any of this.

There you go. Thats it. Proved them all wrong in one sentence.

Not to say it wasn’t created because it was. By evil, psychopaths, the blind, the careless.

God is love, allah is love, the whoever was loving. ■■■■■■■■, it’s all just ■■■■■■■■ and it’s stupid.

It really was created though this world. By psychopaths, feel it. It’s bad, it’s all bad, all of it.

Wow you can tell a kid anything can’t you?!

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One myst be åpen to feal the power of jesus’ love, a sodapop in a waterproff gasmask :frowning:

Jesus was a hip dude. I found love when I had my son with Down syndrome, and also when we got our dog. It does matter, you guys.

Bad creation.

Created by demons.

But in the end…

Get out of the mind, though. I would suggest reading novels. It helps me anyway.

Im a murder. Novels do’n’t really help.

I had studied and read the new testament and old testament, parts of them in the original languages with the help of lexicons and concordances. I have also read the Qu’ran. In meditating on these texts, I have deduced that though parts of them are common sense and true, the depiction of the deity in those books is as follows, that god is as follows:

  1. A total and complete hypocrite.
  2. A being that promises greedy people rewards that they do not deserve, and usually provokes them to murder, mayhem, robbery, genocide, infantacide (etc) to acquire such things as “promised lands” and caliphates.
  3. A being who is so impotent, his only methods of forgiving human beings of temporal sins is to resort to the blood sacrifice of animals, birds, and ultimately human beings.
  4. A being that is so self absorbed, that he reqruites anyone that will do his will, so they will spend an an eternity worshiping before his throne.

The list goes on.

The good thing, however, is that being is mostly fabricated in fiction called scripture. The bad news is that he lives through those that blindly have faith in him. Myopic focus on scripture and religion closes your eyes, not only to those around you that suffer, but also REALITY.

The best news of all however, is two fold: 1) People are waking up 2) What they are waking up to is The Source. In stages and in steps, the broken is going away to make way for what has always been with us, behind the scenes and all around us, a part of everything.

We don’t come here for warm fuzzies. We come here to do work. I think you know what it is… its the opposite of murder. Compassion. Co-Passion. Try to remember my friends.

Then there is the book of Mormon :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah and DC comic books too, right tommiez?

The problem with both old and new testaments is that it has been corrupted by men who were seeking power and control over others. The real truth of Jesus’ love was left out. They wanted to control through the concept of sin; not spread compassion and love like Jesus taught. A lot of what we really need to make our lives better was left out. I don’t know if we will ever learn to know what really was in the Bible; though a few significant points did make it past the powers that were. I think this proves many of the inconsistancies and strange phrases that seem out of place in the Bible.

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Well don’t stop there… You could could graduate into conspiracy theory’s!

I believe the scriptures to be correct. much against what scientists have tried to persuade against believing that. the word of God stands.

When there is enough evidence, its not a theory tommiez, but if you don’t do research (with a critical but open mind to the truth). Having a youtube account only goes so far, you have to actually do research, which requires books from opposing points of views, using a library, asking questions of the sources of information. You would be surprised how capable of fact finding a person is when they haven’t spent 4 to 8 more years of programming, just enough education to do good research.

Ok I’ve been meaning to post this for a while:

Now I’m going to run around screaming with a huge target on my back :stuck_out_tongue:

The titles of those two on-line sites give away your delusion.

I recognize it for it is my problem too. I will tell you where the christian delusion leads, it leads to killing your self as a sacrifce for an all to HOLY god.

What I see, is that all that we know of God is what we read about in the so called holy books that probably were written for the purpose of leading everyone away from the door that we slam shut and yes, we walk away and some of us run, and it just so happens to be the way out of here psychologically speaking, for this battle is wrought in our minds and that is where the door is . So we slam the door on the way out of that place we needed to be, because the evil has deceived us in the worst way possible and we are just too blind to see what has happened and is still happening today to our youths. The battle, the say, is for the hearts and minds first and then our very being, that is our very souls.

It wasnt written for power and control it is the inspired word of God they risked everything to write it.

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You do not know the history of the bible, or what history really is. It is obvious from your clining to your idea that what a naked ape writes down is the “inspired word of god”.

If somebody receives comfort from believing in something and it hurts nobody else, why bother them? Personally, I don’t care about religion or metaphysics. I think time is better spent on the problems of this world instead of worrying about things that cannot be proven or disproven.

Sometimes I find atheist more dogmatic than theist.