Insanity is a problem worldwide


I just had an hour law enforcement gun training class. There are really poorly informed people in society who should not, be in the position they are in the sytem.

I can tell you bottom line, and take heed because this is what seperates from living to dying.

Do not do or say anything that compromises your sanity and the sanity of others.

We have law enforcement who are taught to expect anything.

I am glad obama is going through with that body cam for police officers.

What is worse is the condition. They think they can violate their own laws and get away with it.

A warrant is a stepping stone which upholds your rights. Know your rights.

It was amazing the different school of intellect I was exposed to.

Now knowing basically how one person thinks you can assert your own beliefs.

Because my teacher between you and me I will say this about him.

He was in the midst of thinking that violation of natural law is warranted simply because “just is”.

He was the type to pull his gun in a hurry looking for the what is justifiable because federally he is protected in court.

Is this the reality of law we create for ourselves?

I personally think it is frightening. Everyones sanity is at stake. We make ourselves out as criminals.

Because even if you are an armed responsible citizen with a gun and IF you are confronted in a metaphoric situation not to say they happen rarely but all the time on the broader spectrum.

You still will need to go thru criminal court even if self defense was completely the last only option left. Then you will get sued for civil damages even if the assailant was genuinely harming you.

My brothers my sisters if we wont change no system will.

As I awaken and realize YOU are better than THEY. Just because I can analyze my own thought then when I come to a conclusion of their mental sanity just like a judge.

I would say the vibe is pretty shaky.

This goes out to the unjust in the system of paper which greed and sin cometh. Natural law your own personal understanding and how you can intepret what is going on may save you but I am here to say no one is on your side for your own benefit except the reader of this knowledge and experience.


I got pulled over last month for doing the speed limit. No, really, so few people here do the speed limit that the police automatically assume you’re drunk or your vehicle is full of drugs. This is especially strange if you’re driving a sporty car, apparently (Grand Am GT).

He asked to see my papers to check for warrants, etc. I had to let the officer know that my wallet and my Leatherman tool were in the same pocket and the tool usually rides on top because I use it more. Asked him if he wanted me to remove it or get out of the vehicle and have him do it? I had to get out of the vehicle and have him remove my pocket knife and my wallet. Then I was patted down for weapons.

I guess I can understand the caution on the part of the officer, but… You shouldn’t have to overthink pulling out your wallet from under a pocketknife because you might get shot!

Anyhow, got a compliment for being a conscientious driver and having a spotless driving record. Explained that I’m a school bus driver and I’ve been trained to not speed, so that’s how I drive. That went over well, but the whole thing left me feeling paranoid every time I see a police car around me now.



Only ever been pulled over once. He stopped me to tell me that my license plate light was “a little dim”. Then he wished me a safe night and let me go.

I checked it when I got home and it was perfectly fine. I was like WTF? Was he stoned or something?


I would be wreckless to say yeah I was doing 90mph on the freeway safely. I drove with the idea I could get pulled over. But then the cop would have to have been breaking the speed limit as well to pull me over.

Somebody coach me. I can not learn the reality of why cops do not know proper judgement and whose law and how did it form. I have morals like I do not do anything that attracts bad.

Look at back at my life your life, do the positives outshine your negatives are you more optimistic or cynical?

For the record i have only been incompetent one time in my life and that was when I became schizoaffective

Jeez whose freakin fault was that


It’s simple, do whatever a cop tells you to do and you’ll be fine. Resisting and arguing just lead to trouble. A problem in America is that too many people think they can decide if they’re going to be arrested. They don’t respect the authority of the police and when reality comes knocking they’re not prepared.


simple but reality of theirs is on federal paper while in real situations natural law is the law of the jungle life or death. You think a badge exempts the unjust police? Explain please. Sure no debate submit. Is what I will do.


Its about proper use of force. Have you ever been fishing caught a fish? You will notice the more force you use to bring in the fish the more the fish will use force to escape its simple nature.

Now if you reel the fish in feeling the line aware of the fish you will find that it cooperates and ultimately the fish will agree to be brought on land… It is a beautiful thing yall. Commune with nature it will teach more than you will ever know.


Don’t do stupid things that draw attention to you and you will be fine. If you get pulled over for something silly like not making a full stop at a stop sign. Be polite accept what they are saying give them respect. Odds are they will let you off with a warning. Because you left your ego at home.

If not pay for the police man’s ball and smile :slight_smile:


I thought so too.
Until I got stopped for speeding, did everything the cop requested, and ended up in jail because he lied and said I failed to ID myself, which I had.
I showed him my registration and insurance (both had my name and address on it), verbally gave him my drivers license as requested-I even put my license in his hand-which he threw down on the ground and stomped on it.
He attempted to kick me to the ground with his boots and pulled my hair! We ended up fighting on the ground for a little over 4 minutes until his “code 3cover” comrads showed up after he finally knocked me out. I thought he was going to kill me and had gone into a self defensive mode which took him by suprize since Iwas only 110lbs (but very strong thanks to my 3physically abusive, older brothers) and sure made him sweat.
Naturally I didn’t win, and ended up in jail for the night.
The cop had the entire incident recorded on audio tape (I saw it in his hands), but after his supervisors listened to it, they knew he was in the wrong, and the tape then disappeared (it took the cop 8 months to admit the tape existed).
3years of monthly court dates and my case was finally dismissed.
Needless to say, You can be in the right, but you can’t win against a cop.
99% of cops are good, but that one bad apple can ruin your day.


wow thats really unfortunate! sorry to hear you had to go through that.

thats gotta be a 1 out of a million chance that a cop is going to do that if you did everything they asked politely.


Let me tell you something, there is no “law of the jungle”. That’s why we have cops to begin with, to enforce civilization. Obey the law, obey the police. It’s not hard.


Yes I had been calm, polite and did exactly as he requested, that tape would have proven he was completely in the wrong.
Plus he committed purgery by lying on the police report that he arrested me for “failure to ID” when on the tape you can hear me say my drivers license number, and retrieving 3 items of mine.
After his supervisors heard the tape (he admitted this to the judge) they busted him from his coveted position of motorcycle cop down to foot patrol.
Not that it should matter, but,
did I mention he’s a black cop and I’m white?


When I think I’m going to get pulled over, the audio recorder on my iphone gets kicked on and the phone left in the cup holder, locked. It keeps recording. Protect yourself.



When I get in my car and drive off -I really fear one thing, and that’s getting pulled over by a thug cop.

I had a bad experience with a couple of cops, when I was destabilized years ago - they threatened to “work me over” outside of the house.
Too many cops are not screened enough during their training years. Many of them lived their younger years as delinquents or bullies - not all of them, but too many of them.

I was always a law abiding citizen with a clean record - but I really don’t trust most police officers - many of them abuse their authority.
I realize that my illness makes me more paranoid than usual, but some of my fears of the police is grounded in reality.


There’s always exceptions. But your unfortunate experience does not mean that anybody should hassle or disobey or threaten a cop. The odds are if you get pulled over to still be polite and cooperate and it
s VERY likely that your incident will not repeat itself. The worst thing you can do when you get pulled over is get angry at the cop. That immediately puts him on the defensive and cancels out any sympathy he might have for you. Let the cop do his job and don’t let it turn into a personal matter or a power struggle.You will most likely lose. You don’t have to kiss his ass. Just treat him politely and it’s likely he will do the same to you. If you accept that you did something wrong, and are honest about it, and he sees that, it increases your chances of getting off with a warning.


All I did was go over the speed limit. I didn’t have an attitude, nor disrespect him, and I did everything he said.
I’m very aware of one’s attitude playing a part in how a situation ends, believe me, my ex-husband (for 25 years) was in the law enforcement.
I carry a police scanner on me with a hidden earphone in one ear so people never knew or heard I had it on. mostly just because I was nosy, and also so I could avoid the cops.
So, I’m no stranger to how the law works, both the legal and the, um…personal side of it.

My particular incident stems from this cop being part of a felony car stop involving a rifle, that was less than 10 minutes prior to mine. He was simply pumped up on too much adrenilin (naturally) and jumped in the car headed to his next assignment without a way to work it off before dealing with me.

He was super aggressive from the start, and I had a sinking feeling it wasn 't going to go well, but I kept calm and didn’t talk other than to answer his questions.

Funny thing is @77Nick77, that speeding ticket, which I most certainly do agree I deserved, dissapeared from my file, and I was never charged with speeding.
In the papers the cop submitted to my attorney was a copy of the supposed ticket that he had written on me (he never wrote me a ticket) with the wrong day on it-(the day after). Someone must have clued him in that to have written that ticket, he must have been given my Drivers license, because he couldn’t have known my information otherwise, and if he did know it, then he couldn’t have arrested me for “failure to ID”. Duh.


I’ve just been watching the police brutality videos on youtube. Bloody hell.

One cop slammed a guy onto the cement floor at the police station and split his head open. This young victim kept saying that he had to pee but the officer would not let him go to the washroom. This, in the long run, upset the police officer because the kid ended up peeing in his pants and on the floor. So he basically told the female officer who was in the same room to move aside and then slammed the poor kid to the cement floor. Blood quickly began to spread across the floor.

Then there was another guy at the police station who spit into the face of the cop. So the cop slammed his head into the wall and held his head up against the wall. Then they put an anti spitting mask over his head but removed it a little bit later. His head then just slumped down ward due to him now being unconscious. When his head dropped, you could see the blood on the wall.

Then there was a kind loving native fellow who was a wood carver. There he was out on the streets crossing at a street crossing and looking downward as he carved a piece of wood with a small knife. Then suddenly a cop shows up at a distance behind him and tells him to drop the knife, I suppose because he was a dangerous threat to that piece of wood. The cop repeated the words “Drop the knife” but he did not respond immediately because he was deaf in one ear. Just as he began to turn around, the cop shot multiple times in the back. He died.

These are the softer examples of what I saw on youtube.

The others are too brutal to be mentioned here.


Ok I will mention one more.

One guy was shot to death because he was a homeless man who was illegally camping.

After they shot him to death he did not respond to the words “put you hands behind your back”, so multiple times, they shot him again.


Ok here is another one.

A young pretty girl was blasted with a stun gun. Instead of aiming at her mid body, they shot her with the stun gun toward her head. One of the stun electrodes went through her skull and so they stunned her brain instead. Thousands of volts went through her brain.

And these cops continue to say, have a nice day, we are here to protect you.


By the way, I had a neighbor who invited many friends to a party. Her brother, who was a cop, showed up as well. After a few drinks he started telling stories of how they, as cops, often would take suspects out into the woods and beat the living daylights out of them before bringing them to the police station. She was so shocked by this that she told her brother to get the hell out of her house and never come back ever again.

But the typical goes on.