Mentally ill son shot dead

I guess the situation was getting better until the third cop arrived things got aggressive.

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How horrible! I hope they bring about justice for this young man.

This type of incident happens a lot, fucken cops abuse their power especially against mentally ill, and they dont get punished and the rest of the cops look at incidents like this and they learn that they can get away like that easily.

When I step foot outside of my home, I fear two things. 1. getting destabilized in general, whether it be anxiety or some other symptom, and 2. I fear getting pulled over and then harassed or brutalized by the cops. The police do not have a good track record when dealing with the MI - especially schizophrenics. Not all cops are “bad” cops, but you do get a bunch of them who get a kick out of brutalizing the MI. It probably comes from ignorance and fear. Many need to be educated properly so they are not misinformed.

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I live in california bay area, two worst cities for crazy cops are newark and union city, and yeah, they are pretty eager to make a circle around me wherever and whenever they find me, all 5 or 6 draw their tazers at the same time and they move in a circle, trying to get you to pay attention to just one while they sweep behind. i just run.

been tazed, been pepper sprayed, arrested dozens of times and always set free after a few days, also put in all the psych hospitals but i get out in a few hours or after a few days.

never hurt anybody or took anybody’s so called “property”.

so how come the daily run ins with cops and regular arrests?

it’s schizotypal personality disorder - once i read, and it sure is true:

when the authority figures arrive, the cognitive slippage begins.
basically in my internal dialogue, i am here on earth for one reason,
to destroy humanity and leave the mark of the religion of evil on my place and time,
and the number one targets are anyone who puts on anykind of a uniform of authority.

if i encounter the individual on the street or anywhere in public, there will be a conflict,
the authority figure will show fear, draw a weapon, and then the play begins.

never have been able to get myself shot yet, tried so hard so many times,

make like i’m going for a weapon, make like i’m crazed and launching on the officeers,
at most i get tazed and 5150’d.

the pdocs suggest with a wink that this is the city service available for a guy like me, that sooner or later they will get the job done for me.

ah now i see the issue in the story, that wasn’t newark or union city, that was north cakalackey!!!

i gotta tell you what those nuts are up to!!

I am not allowed in that state, I am a criminal there, jumped bail, supposed to go see the “magistrate” and i just skipped town. Long time ago, check this story out, north carolina in the year right after 9/11. this story has a trip to fbi hq for me.

so i fly into the podunk town to teach class for a week.

i never drive, ex new yorker i’ll walk a few miles each way to work.

you can imagine how that behavior goes over in a place like north carolina.

turns out the school i’m teaching at - one week citrix class - is on some campus, some office park, and there is a regular patrol on that office park, so I can’t walk two miles in and two miles back out without being seen by the patrol car, moving slow, hovering behind me.

I don’t take well to that, the authorities are here and the cognitive slippage begins,

they try to get me to talk, i put my head down and change direction.

eventually they call for backup and stop me and make me take out id and put down my backpack.

they did search and see inside the harmless backpack.

they asked if i was homeless and living in the woods.

i said i’m from ny as my id said, and they said something about 9/11.

I said something like in that war i root for al quada, i hope the muslims kick the usa’s ass,
liberty and dignity for those without technology!

they didn’t like that policitcal sentiment, so check out what they do…

hellicopter arrives, with infrared on the backpack,
guy comes down a ladder to extract the backpack.

I said you guys already looked in there, you are being ridiculous.

they just told me never to set foot on that property.
I stupidly showed them the contract of my emplooyer, so they knew where i’d be.

i went home that night, and the next morning, i f’ing hired a cab,
didn’t wanna get arrested on the way to work.

so i am in the little classroom…

i see the cop from yesterday, in plain t shirt, just outside my door to the class.
know something is up.
turn around to write the word “shadowing” in blue at the top of the whiteboard:
cop wallks up with a gun to my back,
says put the marker down and put your hands up.

i am taken not to jail but to fbi headquarters in a large office building and shackled my feet to the floor while i wait for the interviewer.

fbi guy comes in and i swear he asked me - where’s bin laden.

i said you ever heard of a denial of servi ce attack? someone sends more requests than you can handle.

if you pull all this for some kid who won’t coperate with your nonsense,
you are totally vulnerable to a denial of service attack, you silly nuts.

i was put in the regular jail over the weekend, got out on bail, supposed to see the magistrate, skipped town, no more north cakalackey for me.

and i watched the news report.
i disagree.
of course this is the way they treat schizophrenics,
we have no value to them,
we are a threat even if only a minor threat,
we don’t belong, have no value, and so are fodder to be destroyed.
this is absolutely the right way for humanity to deal with sz, shoot first,
how can you possibly know what we were gonna do next?
maybe your dignified valuable life would be in danger,
so that’s why these kind of people should be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible

put an end to that kid’s nonsense, didn’t it.


I’ve never been harassed by police. The reason is probably because I remain calm. I’ve been pulled over for a headlight and searched. I also was with some idiot girl who I didn’t realize had a beer in the front seat and I had to do a breathalizer because I was driving, but I had 0.00 alcohol level. So I didn’t get in trouble thank God but she got a citation. I could’ve been in so much trouble. So yeah, I was blessed in that case. I’ve cut ties with those kinds of people. But it’s hard to find the right people to be friends with who aren’t stupid or reckless. I also got pulled over for speeding, but I wasn’t speeding I’m pretty sure. That was the first time I almost got a speeding ticket. I actually broke down and started crying. I’m surprised I did that. I had just misplaced my license so I had my college id that I gave him, and he told me to “slow down” and he sped away, I think they were looking for someone else. I still haven’t gotten any tickets at all. I’m proud that I have a good record. Even though…reading something like this just adds to my mistrust of people who you are supposed to regard with trust.

it is sad that it happened but not surprising.
it happened in my nearest big town, yes he had a knife but was no threat only to himself, a chimp could have talked him down from his psychosis.
australian police are not that inteligent .
take care

It’s the same thing over and over again.

For us they just give us the boot and/or kill us, been that way since way back when the shaman were cracking our skulls open to let them out. Did he know it was them giving him this advice though, the same ones telling him to let them out were the ones in us, did he have any idea?

Same thing over and over for everybody, it’s just a machine, everyone here has already happened millions of times.

911, one of my numbers. I began seeing these numbers when i first saw the “alien” on or near halloween, 911 was one of them.

One night in the shower they were speaking to me and said “everyone has special days, even us, holy days times and numbers.” They said it was part of their plan, but just now said it’s a part of their plan sure, but that is just a part of his plan.

“Hidden timelines of secret societies”-ted gunderson on youtube.

“We’re more involved than we appear to be little one.” They say just now. “Alot of this stuff that has happened, thats just us little lion man, we even lie to our own, they are our puppets, yes, our pets, even our most trusted ones down here on your earth, just our little pets who we train up.” They said just now.

“you’ve even seen some of the very created structure that your world is intentionally made of haven’t you?! Those faces out there made of trees and rocks and clouds, that didn’t just happen you know, that was put there.” They said.

“To put it simply, we control, and yet are controlled. The control put us in control to control the way we control, yes, a sick joke we know little lion man.” They said. “Are we really in control, no, we are also under control. Only one is in control.”

best stuff i read here all week;

only one is in control !!!

So sorry Wave! I think it needs to be renames. After all who does not have a closet, a challenge, a weakness. We could turn it around and tell them they have anger issues or dominance issues, is that also not an illness? Unrighteous dominance, my Bishop once described it and he is right. Just cause someone has authority over us does not give them the right to use it unjustly, be it in law enforcement or the home. I get scared in a store, that they will see me start to jerk or seize or stutter when I need to ask a question. Most of the time I just dont talk unless it is someone I know who is patient and kind with me and does not pitty me if I cant get a word out or have trouble trying to sign my name. Im scared they will take my license. Curious, how would they know who is and who is not? Can they read our med records? If so then does it not create a prejudice against the neurologically challenged? I would like others to have just one day of unbalances chemicals to know what it feels like and that we are whole individuals as well as they are, our chemical make up just does not function properly to maintain balance. Bless his family. I know they are hurting for their loss unnecessarily.

I am a law abiding citizen, and human. I just have a fear if I do somehow lose control, be it panic attack, anxiety issues, getting lost somewhere, I will be targeted or set apart from others. I have been verbally harassed by about 2 cops in the past before. I was driven to the hospital, I was very ill at the time. I needed to be in a hospital, I basically agreed to it at my family’s request. If you look at the news, there are too many issues with cops killing the severely MI. Most of them are schizophrenics in need of medical help. There is a shoot first, who gives a ■■■■ mentality when it comes to the MI. After all in their ignorant minds we are throwaway people. Who cares if we are murdered in cold blood.
This is how many of them operate. Whenever I hear a police siren - I cringe.

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I’m right there with you. An incident came back into my mind a bit a go where I was having a drug induced flip out and the REAL cop was cool, but the store security guy was the one making the situation worse. The real cop was more worried about the rent-a-cop then he was about me.

This also makes it hard to trust the few good cops out there. I sort of feel sorry for the two cops who were starting to improve the situation.

Stories like this turn my stomach. I hate the things that happen due to ignorance and lack of education. It’s so easy for something like this to happen, too. I’ve been in a situation where if I had started losing my cool i may have been shot by 8 cops all over a misunderstanding and foolish friends. luckily i wasn’t mixed at the time or I may have wound up like this kid. (SZA here) For being such an ‘advanced’ civilization we still live in the dark ages when it comes to mental health.
Rest in Peace.