Getting arrested

One time a long time ago when I was in the army a friend of mine and I were drinking beer as we drove in my friend’s car, and a cop car pulled us over for speeding. We both had open cans of beer, and as the cop was approaching I carefully put my can of beer under the seat. The cop gave my friend a ticket, and then he disappeared. Suddenly I heard this bam, bam, bam behind me, and it was the cop beating on my door with his night stick. Then he yelled at me, “Don’t every reach under your seat when a cop pulls you over! Open container is legal in Texas.” Then the cop let us go. It is evident that getting arrested is a very touchy situation for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. One thing many people don’t understand is that when a cop arrests you it is not a good time to challenge his authority. One time I was watching a cop arrest this black guy on tv. The cop tried to make the black guy lay down on his stomach on dirty ground. I’ve been in that situation too, and it is something that is very hard to do, and I believe the cop was using excessive force for this particular arrest. I think it was a routine traffic stop. The black guy couldn’t bring himself to do what the cop wanted, and he started beating up the cop. Then the cop shot the black guy in his leg. I don’t know how the situation was judged in court, but I cringe to think of the legal charges that the black guy could have gotten in court. They need to train the police on how to use appropriate force when making an arrest. They also should inform the public that when a cop pulls you over he has quite a bit of authority in that situation. He holds most of the trump cards. If you find yourself outraged by the way a cop has treated you, don’t challenge his authority while he is making an arrest. If you’re perfectly compliant, and he takes you in anyway, and he doesn’t seem to be getting any negative consequences for it, start checking up on him. Maybe he has a history of making false arrests. Maybe he has a history of bogus arrests of people of color. If you feel like the cop has abused the law don’t challenge his authority while he is making the arrest. Being arrested is a difficult situation. People should not make it worse than it needs to be.



That doesn’t always work out either.

My cousin and I were in similar situations,

Turned out very differently.

We were both, seperately, pullled over at night on dark, isolated roads.

I refused to get out of the car, demanded another officer at the scene and was eventually arrested over ■■■■■■■■.

Only the inital speeding ticket held up in court.

My cousin did everything the cops said and was sexually assualted by two of them.

Held in a jail cell with no reason while the cops tried to figure out how to keep her quiet.

Threatened her and released her.

She sued that county and won.

So yes, there are negative consequences even if you are perfectly complient.

Cops are bad people.

I’ve never, ever found an exception, personally.

I’m almost 40 and I’ve literally never met a good cop.

They have to exist, I guess, but I have yet to see it.


The cops are far more softer over here in the uk. If they have grounds to search - an open container of booze will land you a breath test. They wont get their trunchoen and batter on the roof of your car either.

Alot of car searches here are usually done under the misuse of drugs act - and they have a dog anyway.

Im just quietly apphrensive about all coppers. Just stroke their ego - and they will naff off.


I’ve only once gotten a fine by a cop.

It was in my college days. I was out partying and drank too much. I had to vomit in the street because of it. Apparently that’s punishable here.


i w a s once pulled over for running a stop sign and the young officer told me my eyes were blurry. i was sober and told him it was my wellbutrin. he said it was a schedule 4 subdtance and that you cant drive on it. i told him it was safe and he asked me out of the car. i had to do a sobriety check. my legs were shaking so i finally told him i had a joint in my cigatette pack. he threw it on the ground and crushed it out and let me go.

god cops. i try to stay out of trouble. havent been pulled over in fifteen years or so. butbive had my scrapes since the age of 14. one once took a screwdriver away from my saying it could be used as a weapon.

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Police need to be screened for sociopathic tendencies. They are given a free ticket to kill. I imagine a violent or power hungry person sees this profession as desirable.

This is a generalization. I am sure there are cops that do there job well.

But just read about a statistic that 40% of male cops have a history of domestic abuse.


My husband has two cops in his family,

Both abuse their families.

The wives are afraid to even speak at holiday gatherings.

One was so quiet I didn’t even realize he had a wife or children.

The other got promoted to chief of police somewhere in Texas recently.

Both of them tell stories of their abuse of power to entertain at parties.

It’s sickening.


I’m a law abiding citizen and never been in trouble with the law but I’m still terrified of cops.
I don’t know it this is a schizo thing.


I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable if I was stopped by police in a country were cops carry guns

Ps especially if I had mental illness


I fear police too.
I don’t know why


I was brought up around guns in the uk as a kid. My father was a groundsman on an estate here, and all the toffs were always pheasant shooting. Strangley in the uk, grew up as a kid with gunfire going off lol.

Edit : Sorry meant reply jimbob lol. (just got up cant type properly yet)

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I grew up in the countryside. Lots of pals dads were farmers. They knew about shotguns but I had little exposure.

American Police seem to have way more of an ego, and like to abuse power. In the UK most officers are kind and more understanding; way more lenient. We don’t have guns here as well which is good.

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I trust the police here in my big city in Canada. I’ve never had a bad experience with them.

i hate guns. they are a huge problem. i dont care if you hunt but they are a problem in this country. its a conudrum.

Cops brought me to mental hospital because I threw the phone on my mother, she called the cops and told them that I am violent. 4 cops came to our home.

The cops were yelling at me and told me to sit still and not talk until the ambulance came.

One time I was really drunk in Paris, and I was lost. Then I saw a couple of cops, and I walked up to them going, “Can you ‘hic’ tell me ‘hic’ where the ??? motel is?” One of the cops stepped out and pointed and went, “It’s “hic” that “hic” that way”. Why can’t American cops be like that? But those days are over for me now. It has been over five years since I last drank.


Hahaha - Ive had the local coppers drive me home when drunk - so long as your not beligerant, its easier to make sure your asleep in bed - rather than leaving you to “come to their attention” later on.

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Our police are armed and trained to be like more like military forces. Left over miltary equipment weapons and tanks made for war are gifted to police forces.

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