Got pulled over by traffic cops

I drove to the traders mall this afternoon. Just before I turned on the high way I got pulled over by a traffic cop. He walked up to me and asked me if I was ok. It was a funny question to ask so I was wondering if I maybe didn’t look ok. So I responded by saying “yes officer I’m damn alright” He then said that I can go. I had some cupcakes that I bought a little earlier so I handed it over to him and I told him to enjoy it. I had my seat belt on, I had my license with me and I had my indicator on when I took the turn on the ramp towards the freeway just before I got pulled over. Although I kept my cool during the procedure I was still a bit terrified. How do you people handle traffic cops?

Pulled you over just to see if you were okay? Hmmm… how caring. Nice you offered him a cupcake :smiley:

I got pulled over for various things a few times, but one time I was high as the blazes. He didn’t even suspect anything though! Lucky! I was nervous, thought he’d smell the reefer for sure. Got a ticket for no insurance and that’s all :smile:

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I haven’t driven for a long time, so I haven’t been pulled over by traffic cops, but I have been stopped for other things. When you are stopped by the police it is extremely important to keep your cool. Rightly or wrongly, the cops tolerate very little attitude. If you feel like your rights have been violated, keep your cool, and vent your anger with an attorney you hired. The cops have a lot of authority over situations where they make stops. It might be a good idea to see if there are any cameras around and to try to stay visible to those, if you think the cops are abusing their authority.


Yeah, I’ve tried the friends thing with cops. Needlesstosay, it doesn’t work! :laughing: I have the worse luck with cops though… A month after I went to Kentucky, my 6 month insurance policy expired the PREVIOUS day. Got pulled over for a cracked windshield, which I had a sticker for… Then my tag was also expired… Not to mention I was on the way to a job interview :frowning: Friggin cops…

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A cop pulled me over once due to me traveling at 2 1/2 times the street speed limit. It was one of my worst days dealing with the long long long list of suffering that I had been through throughout my life, thus I was burning off some steam.

I pulled over into the shopping mall off to the left. I got out of the car and gave the cop my life story. He was stunned and speechless. It was clear to him that I did not just make this stuff up because it was damn clear to him that no one on earth could. Every ounce of it is unique, thus it is unlike anything one may have heard of elsewhere, nor anything that one could simply dream up.

Anyhow, he was very understanding and told me to just drive home and take it easy. So I did not receive a speeding ticket. He is on my list of kind and special people.


It’s strange, cops never used to make me all that nervous. In my teens getting pulled over or even brought down to the station was considered a minor inconvenience. I’ve got no idea how many times I’ve been pulled over and I’ve never even had a speeding ticket.

But nowadays when I must drive by some heavy police presence or talk to an officer my legs begin to buckle beneath me and it becomes very difficult to breath. I don’t know why this is as I’ve never been ruffed up or anything by the cops or even arrested for anything more serious than one DUI in my late 20’s. It’s as if all of a sudden I’m terrified of the cops for no reason!

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You seemed to handle yourself nicely @Fellowman. I got stopped by a police officer a while back, he told me that my fathers car had an expired inspection sticker - he was nice, but I was still paranoid, but I too handled myself fine.
Sometimes cops make me anxious and paranoid, even though I am a law abiding citizen - its the nature of this illness I guess

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My run-ins with the cops while I was in my active addiction were not pleasant. I got treated a little roughly a couple times. Once a cop ordered me out of my car and told me to put my legs apart with my back to him so he could search me I didn’t spread them apart enough so he kicked them wider. He didn’t find anything that time but he told me if he ever sees me in his city again he will take me out to our local bridge, break both my legs and make me crawl back. Needless to say I was back two days later getting my drugs. Another cop once came upon me sitting in my car partying with two girls. He put me in handcuffs way too tight and put me in the back of his cruiser.When he found my crack and a used hypodermic needle he came back and yelled in my face and poked me in the face several with just his finger drawing blood. My wrists were numb for a week. But now that I am off drugs my experiences with cops are much better. have literally got out of 6 tickets when I was caught red-handed speeding and once cutting someone off. My method is to stay calm, don’t get mad, do not deny my wrongdoing, and be polite. Cops are used to being lied to and face angry people and rudeness frequently.When they face someone who does not cause any trouble and treats then with respect they are more likely to give that person a break. I do not worry about cops anymore. I am not looking over my shoulder in fear of arrest anymore. I don’t cause trouble and they let me alone. A cop sees the best driving when he drives city streets because when people spot them they slow down and drive more carefully.

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Cops can be pretty scary to deal with. All encounters I’ve had with them have been positive. I’ve only been pulled over three different times and I was given a warning each time. It’s funny because they only needed to tell me once and now I don’t speed, roll through stop signs, or let my registration expire. I’m also very anti drinking and driving. I never got in trouble for it it’s just scary what could happen. Your first DUI costs about $10,000. If you were to kill someone you would get prison time. I’d rather just not drink. It’s been hard getting that through my mom’s head. She has so much more to lose as she is an OT who does home care. She’s never gotten into trouble but she has been drinking and driving since she was in her twenties. She had a bad experience though a little while back that I think effected her. Now she won’t have more then two drinks if she is driving.

When I was in the ER and had grabbed a cop’s gun they put me in four points. I heard the cops talking and they said “she doesn’t need to go to county, she needs a hospital.” I thought that was really nice. I had delusions for the longest time that the cops were recording my thoughts, watching me, and were going to come in my house and shoot me.

It makes me sad that when we see a cop car we feel paranoid instead of protected. :sunny:

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I’m going to think on the times I have been pulled over. Each time I was very calm.

The first time my friend was driving and it was for passing the fog line on graduation night, so they were doing checkpoints. We were fine so they let us go.

The second time I was driving, and it was for my tail light. I turned to my right and realized that this girl who was under age had a beer in the cupholder and I hadn’t even noticed it. She got a citation for under age drinking. I was breathalyzed and told them I hadn’t been drinking. He seemed surprised that I had absolutely no alcohol in my system so he let me go without a ticket and a warning for the tail light. I got that fixed as soon as I got home.

The third time I was almost given a speeding ticket, but I could’ve sworn I was going the speed limit. They might’ve been looking for a different car because three cops came, when I turned into the gas station to stop because it was the closest place to stop. I pulled over immediately and explained I was just pulling over there instead of in the intersection. I burst out crying. That’s the first time I’d ever lost my cool in front of cops. He told me to “just slow down” and I went home.

The fourth time was recently. I was outside of Sheetz and this woman working there who doesn’t like me called in and accused me of shoplifting. I wasn’t explained this and I was called their code for crazy. I was very calm and there were two cars that were stopped in the sheetz parking lot. We explained we were going to a party, which got canceled after that. They were kind of rude and I got a flashlight shined in my eyes because I was trying to pull into another parking spot and didn’t realize I was being subject to this interrogation. I didn’t know I was the reason they called. Nothing was brought to my attention as to why we were being stopped. I wrote to the sheriff and complained about it because he wasn’t there and is nice and understanding.

The fifth time, it was for another friend who was talking on his cellphone while driving in MD. As soon as he saw the cop he dropped the phone. I had to shuffle through all my papers for my registration so we got a warning for that. The MD cops are a bit more intense. He got a ticket for talking on his phone, and was told that talking on the cellphone while driving is considered similar to driving under the influence in MD and he got a $200 fine. I mean the speaker was on and he wasn’t texting, just holding it up to his ear. After that I decided I should drive my own car and not let friends drive as much. I’m a better and more careful driver IMO. I never talk on my phone or text and drive. I’m always cautious.

Last week I was either going to the same place or was being followed by a cop. But I just remained calm, stayed the speed limit, and didn’t pull off the road to avoid the cop like most people do. I didn’t get pulled over but it does make you a little uncomfortable.

So I have never gotten a ticket, thankfully. I always try to be careful and do the speed limit. I’m always respectful and calm.

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