Informing significant others about mental health

For those of you that have significant others, are they aware of your mental health conditions? If so, how did you choose to make them aware?

I have a GF, she knows of my illness because I told her when I first became interested in her. I brought it up as a topic of discussion. “What do you think of mental illness?”

Some of the others said it was sad, and that if they got diagnosed with one they would kill themselves rather than suffer from it. She said “Its kinda sad, but I think people who are sick like that are really strong inside, because they manage to live with something that many people are afraid of and think of as being completely paralyzing.”

Two weeks later I dumped my current GF for being crazy (she was more paranoid than any SZ person I now, said I was stealing her eggs while she was sleeping…) I waited a week and asked out Yuki, she agreed. a week after that she moved in with me because my ex, who was her Roommate, had changed the locks on the door and sold all her stuff to the neighbors while she was away with family for a week…an that was BEFORE she started dating me…