Spouses or Significant Other

I am just wondering for the ones who have them, do they have a mental illness as well?

Example: both me and my husband have schizophrenia

I guess I’m just curious if water seeks it’s own level

My husband is well. No mental issues.

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I was once involved with a girl from an Sz support group… neither of us were med compliant or that much in to therapy… at the time… both heavy drinkers and drug users… so of course it was happily every after… :wink:
(joking… we were both toxic… angry… and derailed each others health and sobriety many times over.)

NOW I’m med compliant, keep up with therapy, do the CBT work, try to manage this head circus responsibly… with help.

My current girlfriend is healthy and no mental illness. No drugs or alcohol either. This one is working out to be a very happy relationship.


I keep telling myself I’ll never date anther patient but always seem to end up doing it. But I think with me, it’s more to do with the disclosure issue with dating a muggle.

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My first long first relationship, his answer was al;wg term relationship of 14yrs I was the only one with mental illness. now I am in another long term relationship of five yrs and I am again the only one with mental illness. it seems like it is hard for the person without it to truly understand it, so they can only help so much. My first relationship, his answer for everything was to ship me off to the hospital, this time it is different and it seems to work out better this way.

I think Id have to find a schizo in order for her to really understand me. No one else would have the insight into mental health. There are two kind of schizos. Those who have schizophrenia and understand it or those who have and dont. Ill probably end up with a normie seeing as how they vastly out number the schizo types. But I’ll always have something in common with the schizos when I meet them. I guess I dont really care either way. If the last week or more specifically day is any indication I might just make a full recovery from this. The telepathy has stopped for the most part and I’m seeing the world and people the way they are for the first time in a long time.

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I have a neurotypical wife. She is my rock.


I lost my wife to divorce but we were both schizophrenic and really got along well as far as keeping each other balanced.

My girlfriends/special friends in the past, all had something off about them mentally.
I attracted a lot of borderlines, alcoholics, bulemics, depressed, and one schizoaffective female “friend”
My ex wife was a borderline sociopath - she also had bulimia and DID
My old childhood friends turned out to be a bit off as well - One grew up to be a Heroin addict, the other had bipolar and was an alcoholic, and the other 2 brothers were just plain old strange.
I dont attract “Normal”
My brother is a depressed psycopath and his lovely wife is a sociopathic borderline

My wife has not been diagnosed with chronic mental illness, although she suffered a good bout of depression last year thanks to being on the receiving end of abuse at work. Not sure she can be considered completely sane as she did marry me. :smile:



My wife is schizophrenic,I have gad