Info Engine: How I Survive with My Brain Now of Days

The way I think about my brain now is that it is a contraption like anything in the nature of the universe is, and it produces one significant product: information.

Yeah, it’s kind of a funny thing. It produces things in a subject + predicate form, and it’s often further related to pronouns and social statuses because it’s a tribal species, and there are many species that do this. In fact all species brains do all of this excep the tribal stuff in many of them.

Information means stuff. I don’t know. It just means stuff, and it doesn’t have to mean stuff that is true or real.

What’s even weirder is that the brain runs on information the way that motors run on oil and gas or computers on electricity and bits of information.

The more years the brain has ran on information, and the more information they’ve ran on, the more funny stuff with information that it does.

The real problem in my personal experience with these brains is that they can lie to you, and they can lie to you so badly that it’s a lethal threat to you (to itself).

So what you need is a solid, fool proof, reality test to be sure that it’s not malfunctioning. Now…I have that. I found it. I did lots of work on it, tests, and I understand a good bit about it and stuff around it, but that’s what no one around here believes. LOL Which is an irony in itself.

Do you wanna know who would believe me? It’s the people that are extremely successful with the same “reality test” for their brains which they live by. That’s not so ironic, is it? :slight_smile:

So what does this “test” do for someone?

First the person has to use it over and over again to be sure that the “information” that their brain is producing is verifiably real. When that brain is in the habit of doing this, it begins to do it automatically. It begins to do it my robustly, dynamically, and in ways you’d never have thought of if you’ve lived a long time without this “reality test.” I’m surprised all of the time as it gets better, vaster, faster, more vivid, and dynamic since I began to use this method about a year ago.

When you get down to it the mind looks like lots of dumber minds that are working in a kind of “hive mind” together without an “I” mind in charge. They work like a V8 engine’s group of self perpetuating cylinders. If there’s no information, then there’s no perpetuation. It’s running information non-stop…info in…info out…over and over and over. This part is very interesting to analyze about myself. I’ll tell you that. :slight_smile:

When the information system is frequently information about testing the information in the system, then instead of looking around me lost in useless information about “gosh, why’d that guy or gal go and say that about me,” or “the telepathic thoughts from some invisible god or demon is in my mind,” or “that person’s thoughts are in my mind,”…

…instead of all of that junk, I have thoughts checking other thoughts like they are information droplets so to speak in my brain, from my brain, and telling me a lot about my brain.

No those other people or invisible things aren’t causing me problems. It’s just a matter of doing a test on the information my brain is making. It’s alllllllllllll inside of me, and none of it should ever be my problem.

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I got lost after the first few sentences :rofl:

Im way too stupid to understand u mate .


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I thought about this months ago.
Me being stupid, not understanding and the other having delusions (even normies have this kind of delusions).

The point is you’re not stupid, @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis is writing some weird ■■■■ only he can understand

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