Brain test

here is a little test that will show you what part of your brain you use the most-

basically what part of the brain you use the most the left or the right and what it says about you.


That is cool. Thank you for posting this.

Sometimes however I feel like I don’t use any of my brain, some else does. :wink:

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According to that i use my brain equally.

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According to the test, I use the right side my brain more. Which figures, as I’m left handed. :wink:

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Very fun! Thanks for sharing with us.

I was left brained. It says I’m logical and strategic. Maybe before schizophrenia, I was lol

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apparently i use my brain equally

i was actually the opposite of what i thought ,thanks for the brain test.
take care

It says I’m right brained. I guess that makes sense.

Says I am way left brained, which doesn’t seem to fit me.

Recent research suggests the left brain/right brain thing is a myth.