Once Upon a Time, My Mind the Rubik's Cube

  1. Once upon a time I came across a daunting challenge. I was to figure out what all of the things I am experiencing work like in mind.

  1. At first it was very challenging as I thought that these things especially feelings and my memories could be telepathic communication with invisible beings, other people, and the whole universe. What I did was I wrote a program in my brain, and when I ran that program, I only scrambled up my brain worse. Every day I ran the BASIC program from my brain, and PRESTO! I was scrambled in five seconds flat before I got out of bed.

  1. The problem was just that I did not understand that my mind was information not a telepathic spirit or soul. I also did not understand the fundamental rule to all information thus all things real was logic: subject + predicate. So knowing this and that my religion was created by an ancient government, I soon figured things out in my mind. What a relief it was too.

  1. I then wrote the PYTHON code for that in my brain, and every day my brain is using these new descriptions of reality happening in my mind, what my brain is, what everything else and everyone else is, and it is like a machine solving it’s problems itself. Now I can get more work done than ever, and stay completely cool while doing it unlike ever before. I’m currently learning videography, photography, computer languages including BASIC, PYTHON, and HTML, website make sites Wordpress, Wix, retaking mathematics, and Bulgarian. They all have one thing in common with the mind: information. All of these are cybernetic systems. I love this. :slight_smile:

  1. It seems like a daunting task at first, but it winds up being euphoric when the mind is feeling like it is in a mind, and I am knowing all of its functions when it does something that is sz or otherwise. A mind within a mind means that everything I see, hear, and experience otherwise seems to float within my mind rather than half of it all around me, and half of it in me, and especially none of the “connective tissues” from the pseudo science of telepathy beliefs.

  1. If I compare myself to a month ago, a year ago, a few years ago, and especially several years ago, I’m in bliss compared to then.


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