I cant help it I believe in telepathy

It’s a struggle for me to really get a grip on things. This telepathic interference coming from people is constant. It keeps me thinking in circles. It seems so real, but no one will verify it. It’s the best kept secret. Human beings are for the most part telepathic, except for a few of us. I don’t really even want to explain what I go through. It’s controversial to say the least. They don’t really seem to mind anything that I think but they call me out on everything. In my mind I was infinite and all possibility and these people reading me didn’t like what I was about. They have ■■■■■■ me over, and corrupted me. Poisoned what was an innocent mind. I have to face people for the rest of my life, face their telepathy. Its maddening. Maybe I’m letting coincidence get the best of me, but I can shake the fact that in my experience telepathy is real. It seems inevitable that this would happen to me.

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personally there is a truth to it, but when it comes under the umbrella of sz it is harder to discern .
take care

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Somehow, people from way beyond the range of normal expectation that they would know about me are intensely involved in my life. People from two states away are intensely involved in my life. I find it so outrageous. They’re also trying to force me into sexual relationships I absolutely do not want.

Yeah they are ■■■■■■■ crazy

Bryan, I used to believe people were telepathic too, but I was delusional? I think maybe you should tell your pdoc this telepathy thing is bugging you and see what their response is? I think you need a med adjustment…just being honest…

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I struggle with this same thing, what I call “virtual telepathy” when I’m feeling “rational”. But it’s so freaking real people it’s very, very difficult to remain convinced that it’s not real.

Mine came back a month or so ago after a two year hiatus but faded after a couple of weeks. Now it’s just as if I sometimes expect it to happen but all that’s there is the “ghost” of these symptoms, or telepathic conversations whatever.

It’s frustrating I know, especially when it seems like just one person saying “yes I seem to be talking to you in my mind” would resolve it once and for all. The content and complexity of it all makes it very difficult to believe it’s not real.

Yeah, it’s real.

Someone speaks with me in my mind and i speak back, think of all the crazy ■■■■ that could happen if someone could do that.

You could be in a store right, after watching a favorite show and saying “wow, he’s a great actor, but i like so and so”, and then whoever could make someone next to you in the store say “wow, so and so really sucks and whoever likes them is stupid.”

Think of the possibilities.

Hey check this out…I recently learned brain to brain telepathy directly doesnt happen, but it was determined via quantum observation that totally separate waves in an unseen and as yet unmeasurable spectrum can transfer thought from one person to another.

"“Berger’s recordings provided firm physical evidence against his idea that waves generated by one brain could somehow be detected by another brain. The voltage changes that emerge from the cooperative activity of neurons in the mammalian brain are just too small, and current propagation requires a low- resistance conductor, so it cannot cross air, for example. Although he failed to prove his hypothesis of telepathic communication between brains, his research created a powerful scientific and clinical method for investigating quickly chang- ing brain activity.”

  • Rhythms of the Brain

However it was quickly deduced that the method of transference was the mysterious orb phenomenon and this in fact is part of the process of silent communication, and that at certain times these energy entities do appear on film and digital, sometimes stationary and sometimes in motion.
That means there is a distinctly separate entity at work conveying the messages, not a direct brain electricity to brain receptor…
I have also disproved the dust particle theory because I am known to take 2 or 3 pictures of the same thing very quickly within seconds and orbs will appear in one photo but not in the others, as with the multiple orb photo here. Also, dust particles are usually not uniform circles but more like uneven globs…

Here an orb awaits to transfer a message to the boy, most likely from the ghost of a little girl who died in 1911 who he communicated with both at the cemetery and in his room.

Here orbs in the woods show different behaviors. One floats stationary while the second one on the right is in motion shooting upwards and away, probably having gathered a thought from my mind and taking off to deliver it through the 4th dimension to a person or spirit being. You can tell the moving orb is highly energized and glowing, being at full power…

Thus the mystery of telepathy is solved…the neurons do not communicate directly for they are too weak to transfer messages at a distance, but the orbs can move interdimensionally by or through the brain and take small portions of thought and deliver them elsewhere…

I have often seen photos both taken by myself and others showing orbs seem concentrated around the head of a person.
this girl has some heavy telepathy going on here!!!

This sneaky little orb is coming up from behind, sneaking up from behind the chair to get some messages from her brain as she seems to be engaged in an attentive conversation or deep thought

Good so there is a chance theyll stop this. Im going to tell my pdoc everything. We just got a new one in town and they should be a lot better about helping me then the last one. I swear that the subtleties of people speak and motion and coughs that it confirms they are listening to my thoughts. That nto even talking about the messages they send at me. This last week has just been very confirming to me that it is indeed real. They are probably going to tell me its not and I’m going to end up believing them, but damn last night it was clear that everyone is telepathic. Makes me wonder about the nature of voices I hear.

Telepathy isn’t real. You guys really need to stop. Feeding each others delusions isn’t healthy and it’s not productive on a forum where people seek support and help getting back to reality.


They say it isn’t real. Like they don’t want it to be.

I get your point though. I’ve just got nowhere to vent. It seems so real. If I was just speaking from my experience I’d say its very real.

I honestly dont think these people have any control over what they say. Or if they are even consciously aware of it most of the time. I know when I try to communicate with my mind I get a lots of long awkward pauses where they are struggling to keep it together.

It can be done but takes practice and know how, building on experience. My wife and I were in this stuff for 11 years together and both into in way before that, in programs, spiritual circles, etc. She worked with antigravity / inverse gravity and all that…real stuff i’ve posted videos and pics of here… Not just some delusional stuff…
I know some people think there is telepathy going on, think people are reading their mind all the time, and its just paranoia…It really doesn’t work that way. Little bits and pieces , yes… and its often hit and miss too because there is timing when the carriers are around and if you attempt to communicate when nothings around to carry it, it won’t work, unless you are dealing with prayer strait to God, and even that can get held up at times according to the book of Daniel.

noone can read ur mind bryan, i promise u. u r delusional, just as i was a while back. i thought everyone could read my mind and i mean everyone but i was just ill, not telepathic at all. it’s just not possible. go and c ur new shrink and get ur meds changed. experiment with different drugs and c what effect they have on the voices. there r lots of meds to choose from. take one, give it 3 months and if it doesn’t work then try another. y suffer needlessly when u don’t have to? i personally am trying every drug there is one after the other. this one i’m on now is my sixth attempt at stopping the voices. unfortunately it hasn’t worked so far but that won’t stop me from eliminating each drug one by one and that’s what u need to do. b proactive and try different things. have u tried e.c.t? i’ve even tried that. didn’t work for me but it might for u. trust me. u r not telepathic and neither is anybody else around u. try going abroard for a holiday…u can bet ur life ull only hear english speakers in ur head because u won’t know the language and that should b enough to prove to u that it’s all inside ur mind. hope this helps xxx

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I know that doesnt happen and is therefore a delusion. I have never thought that.
Also I explained scientifically as much as possible how the actual thought transference from one person to the next happens, and the scientific testing that was done showing that the brain to brain direct theory is wrong.
I have seen more than enough experiential proof with myself and several others to know that at times (NOT all the time) thoughts can be passed from one to another, synchronicity happens, same thing same time, words are spoken and manifest in physical reality.
These simple concepts are at the core of metaphysics, high magic, and most religions mystical circles, as well as in some scientific departments and government, dealing with the ability to communicate silently and unseen through pure energy.

Jesus meeting a woman who was a complete stranger:

Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.

17 The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband:

18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

19 The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

John 4

But when Jesus perceived their thoughts, he answering said unto them, What reason ye in your hearts?
Luke 5:22

And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts?
Matthew 9:4

Okay, that was Jesus and he was able to do that…he knew what Judas was going to do to betray him too, before he did it. But we do have access to a little of this same ability and it works through the Spirit and energy created by God.

u r really not helping bryan at all with this stuff. how likely is it that there is a vast telepathic conspiracy that involves all the people he comes into contact with? for ■■■■■ sake!! the man is ill and u r just feeding his delusions with this ■■■■. i would ask u to stop and instead encourage him to try different meds to at least c if he can get some relief from his symptoms. he is schizophrenic and as such sees patterns where none exist in reality. that is his reality and is not shared by those around him. do him a favour and help him and stop amping up his already paranoid mind.

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“I am not an authority on reality, no one is, my concern is whether or not you are suffering”

A psychiatrist said this to me once.

I believe his point is simple, no one can say for sure whether what you are experiencing is real or false, what matters is whether you are suffering from it.

I have experience with remarkably similar sounding symptoms and my take on it is I don’t rightly know what it is all I know is that I was suffering and wanted it to stop.

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I am just explaining how it does work and have said that the constant thoughts of everyone being telepathic and reading minds is NOT real.
Can’t dismiss the part that IS real. I think I made it very clear that not everyone is doing this, and it doesnt happen on a constant basis.

Problem arises when someone may be exposed to limited experiences and then assumes that everyone is doing it. It becomes an issue of sorting out what is real and what isn’t. If there is no proof anything is going on then it isn’t happening. If there are a few instances of someone picking up on something you were thinking and in turn you begin to believe everyone must be doing it, then one needs to stop and evaluate things, and sort out what may be real and what is not real.

I didn’t even address the aspect of electronic telepathy which is also an external source and very real, a technology having been in existence for 40 years and experienced by many people. I understand some people deny its existence despite the fact it is a real working technology, but to deny something that is real is also a delusion.
this technology aspect is just recently and slowly being publicly announced although it has been in existence for some time, as with most controversial technology, its development precedes its being made known to the public by many years.

"In a study described by one British expert as “remarkable”, US researchers were able to reconstruct heard words from brain wave patterns.

A computer program was used to predict what spoken words volunteers had listened to by analysing their brain activity.

Previous research has shown that imagined words activate similar brain areas as words that are actually uttered.

The hope is that imagined words can be uncovered by “reading” the brain waves they produce.

“This is huge for patients who have damage to their speech mechanisms because of a stroke or Lou Gehrig’s disease and can’t speak,” said Professor Robert Knight, one of the researchers from the University of California at Berkeley."

“In the news this week, Motorola patents “electronic tattoos” that enable real electronic “ESP”, and DARPA funding an open interface for a Brain Computer Interface print at home. Will 2014 be the year brain computer interfaces become mainstream?”

In other words they are going mainstream soon, meaning its already been around, the testing has been going on for awhile…

then would it not also be a delusion to claim as real something one can’t know for sure?