Inflation is getting out of hand

Gas prices are up about 40% so far this year. I’ve lost track of how fast food prices have climbed, but it’s ugly.


Yeah it’s worldwide. We are having groceries go up and over here the minimum coin is like a 5 cent piece…stuff is going up 20 cents or so on a couple of dollars so it’s way above the inflation at 5% roughly. Our fuel is like $2.09 a litre. I’m glad I just sold my car but there’s more hurt coming!


A gallon of lactose free milk costs us almost $7 dollars.
Everything is going up!

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A pound of ground beef at Safeway is around $8.00. I only buy it on sale at Lucky’s for around $4.99 a pound if I’m lucky.


Gas prices are out of control, I don’t drive but I gotta kick in gas money to anybody who gives me a ride coz $10 buys like 2 gallons now! So I can’t really shop around for the best prices, coz figuring in the gas the savings aren’t worth it sometimes!

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I bought groceries at Walmart for the first time yesterday.

I like high gas prices I hope people can find away to transition away from gas but maybe that’s getting political. I don’t know why they still spend so much on gas subsidies. I don’t like something that’s bad for the environment being so abundantly cheap.

Fuel/ gas is a monopoly that behaves like a cartel. Governments like over here also rely on the fuel excise. The higher the cost of fuel then the more money for government budgets when services are high etc so there’s no incentive to keep prices low…It’s a scam but that is modern capitalism. Yeah it’s moving into polics but inflation is a serious issue for those who are at the bottom.


Food prices are really killing me. I have been eating very little meat and eggs. I guess this is why I was anemic at my last six month doctor’s appointment.


I have a bit of a cushion of savings left to ride the storm

It won’t last forever, so I hope this spike goes back down again

Those asshats at Davos I saw being reported on saying that it’s not a problem


My energy costs have rocketed up to £154 a month = $194.29, $AUD 271.27, $CAD 247.19 . I live in a one bedroom flat… Food prices have shot up. My (s) daughter says she is having to pay much more for petrol.

My brother who has HIV related psychosis has recently had the disability benefit he’d had for many years taken. away… He says he going to have one meal a day and one bath a week.


Boy, that’s awful. Why they cut him off? Did he do something illegal, like driving under influence? And even so I don’t think it’s reasonable to stop helping someone who clearly is disabled. What a bunch of a holes.

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I hope it gets better when fruit is more in season,
and I’d like to start going to our Quad Cities farmer’s market this summer,
see what they got veggies marked at.
thank God for my United healthcare/Medicare,
I get $150 on my card for groceries a month.
I might start walking too, instead of driving. the stores in this town,
aren’t too far away.

He doesn’t drive. Hasn’t done anything untoward. His situation hasn’t improved. He’s now 63 so his health is more likely to deteriorate rather than improve. The current lot who have been in charge for a dozen years have treated those of us who are disabled very badly. They deliberately promoted the whole ‘scrounger rhetoric’ thing to get low paid workers irate and thinking those on benefits were to blame for their low wages. As a result hate crimes against the disabled and vulnerable have significantly increased.

A recent tweet described our current PM as combining ‘snobbery with thuggery’. The idea that disability is a character flaw and that people are low paid because they don’t work hard enough is very popular in certain quarters. The fact there’s a genetic lottery of life is completely ignored by such people.

I’ll stop but I think you can guess which side of the political spectrum I’m on, and how much I despise this morally bankrupt,self serving government.


Inflation here has been crippingly high too. Those at the lower end, income-wise, have plunged deeper into poverty. I can’t even begin to describe the many ways in which our country is a bad place to live if you’re honest or have a disability. The surefire way to succeed here is by nepotism or getting in bed with a political party. Also, the fact that all rich people in need of medical assistance choose to avoid our hospitals, going instead to Austria or Switzerland or Germany, speaks volumes of what one can expect from our medical system. Most doctors take bribes, many nurses are incompetent, the list goes on and on…


that shouldn’t be happening with today’s modern medicine/oral medication.
a lot has improved, take my daughter’s CF for example.

I know inflation is hurting a lot of people. Including me. The value of my savings are evaporating at 9.5% inflation and 0.11% interest on a savings account.

On the other hand In Belgium disability is inflation linked. So if prices go up (the price index) by more than 2%, our benefits are increased with 2%.

This helps a lot and I’m a fan of the automatic indexation system, despite criticism from the OECD and stuff.


Do you also like high food prices? High clothing prices? High prices for everything else? Because it’s all delivered by vehicles that run on fuel. Every time energy prices go up it means more families that can’t afford food. You like this?


It just tells me that capitalism has failed.

Every 7-10 years it eats itself.

Late stage capitalism as Marx predicted, although i haven’t read his book I must admit.