In trouble for laughing crazily

My sister gets really pissed off when I reek of crazy and my incessant laughter pissed her off and my mom was like stop it and I just laughed harder.

oh well

anyone else laugh to themselves?


Yes, I go into random episodes of laughing, but I’m really quiet so it doesn’t look as crazy as it could. I do sometimes get some funny looks though.

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At times I feel like laughing for no reason, despite how I’m really feeling.
Hopefully you’re sister gets over it


all the time…but one of my demons has an annoying laugh !!
hahahahahahahah…stop already !?!
take care

Yeah, but just a Haah. I don’t make other people uncomfortable with it.

I laugh alone sometimes yes.

But im not laughing to myself i swear it.

For i am not alone.

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I had a laughing spell in a Catholic church once. We were singing a hymn, someone hit a wrong note and I was off my rocker. My legs went limp it was hilarious…to me at least.

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i laugh to myself often but im usually thinking about something i find funny or a funny memory

I like to make others wonder when they stare too hard at what is so funny.

My little brother used to make the whole family laugh when he would lose himself in laughter sometimes…thanks for reminding me.

When I sit still, my mind spins and recalls funny stuff and I end up just laughing.

I’m lucky that my sis doesn’t mind if I end up sitting there laughing my butt off.

Yes all the time. Secret laughs. Also laughing at things that are super (serius) seems to work wonders when feeling trapped.

i only laughed to myself when in psychosis trip

I don’t laugh that much unless something is really funny. I do smile often though when I have pleasant thoughts or conversations.

ask your sister if she rather you cried! surely she would be happy your happy otherwise it seems like jealousy like hes happy why arent i?